BrandSTIK Develops 700 Women’s Special Kits for Hitachi

BrandSTIK Develops 700 Women’s Special Kits for Hitachi

Last year for Women’s Day, we curated special kits for the female employees of our top clients, such as Hitachi. We developed 700 kits for Hitachi’s female employees, which included sustainable, useful, and meaningful products. This Women’s Day 2023, you can develop a similar project for your organization, and BrandSTIK is here to help. Now is the time to decide on the gifts, and we can manage the process for you.
Here is a Glimpse of the case study of the Project: 700 Women’s Special Kits were nicely packed and delivered directly to each of its female employees’ residences, pan India.

Here are the products for your reference:

  1. Eco-friendly Wudbox Set: Neem Wood Comb, Natural Loofah Scrub, Bamboo earbuds, and organic neem oil soap. Wudbox Set_Hitachi_BrandSTIK Wudbox Set_Hitachi_BrandSTIK (1)
  2. Smoor Choco coated Almonds
  3. Green Tea Scented Candle
  4. Custom Box Packaging with Company Branding

Would you like to develop cool-themed kits for any occasions or special events in your organization? We can curate the right gift sets to perfectly fit your brand and budget, please connect with us at +91 95940 70940/ 91673 73749 or drop us a mail at


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