Corporate Welcome Kits for Boosting Employee Engagement: Emirates NBD’s Success Story by BrandSTIK

Employee engagement is vital for driving growth and success within any organization. In this success story, we explore how BrandSTIK’s corporate welcome kits for Emirates NBD, designed with collar t-shirts, travel mugs, stickers, and more in a captivating blue color theme, significantly boosted employee engagement. By providing a personalized onboarding experience, Emirates NBD charged its employees to be a part of something greater and drive growth in the coming year.

Corporate welcome kits - merchandise

The Thoughtful Curation

Collar Tshirt merchandise

Collar T-shirt and Team Spirit

The welcome kit created by BrandSTIK for Emirates NBD showcased a thoughtful curation of products aimed at creating a positive and memorable onboarding experience. The kit included a stylish collar t-shirt, exuding professionalism and team spirit.


No spill travel mug - merchandise

No-Spill Travel Mug for Refreshment

Additionally, a trendy no-spill travel mug was included, ensuring employees could stay refreshed and motivated throughout their busy workdays.


Reinforcing Company Pride

Stickers - merchandise

Customized Stickers for Personalization

The inclusion of customized stickers featuring the company logo further reinforced the sense of pride and unity among employees. These stickers could be used to personalize their workspaces or personal belongings, creating an engaging and visually appealing environment.

Warm Welcome and Appreciation

Welcome card - merchandiseThe Beautiful Welcome Card

To extend a warm welcome, a beautifully designed welcome card was placed in the kit, expressing gratitude for their dedication and encouraging them to strive for even greater achievements.

Packaging and Branding

Corporate welcome kits - merchandise

The Eco-Friendly Jute Bag

All these carefully selected products were presented in a jute bag, enhancing the eco-friendly image of both Emirates NBD and BrandSTIK. The brand’s distinct blue color theme was consistently incorporated throughout the kit, emphasizing brand identity and cohesion.

Impact on Employee Engagement

The impact of the welcome kit on employee morale and engagement was truly remarkable. By recognizing and appreciating their efforts, Emirates NBD effectively communicated their commitment to their workforce. The personalized touch and brand-centric approach fostered a strong sense of loyalty and motivation among employees, charging them up to drive growth in the coming year.

Unlocking Employee Potential with Corporate Gifting

If you are looking to enhance your employees’ onboarding experience and boost engagement, consider the power of corporate gifting. BrandSTIK offers a wide range of customizable products and creative solutions tailored to your organization’s needs. From welcome kits to customized merchandise, we can help you create an unforgettable employee experience that fosters productivity and loyalty.

Invest in Your Team’s Success

Ready to enhance your employee onboarding experience? Contact BrandSTIK now and discover the power of corporate gifting to boost engagement and drive business growth. Invest in your team’s success today!

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