Examples of Long-Term Service Rewards Program from Successful Companies

Corporate gifting companies play a vital role in recognizing and rewarding employees for their long-term service to the organization. The success of any employee rewards program lies in the ability to keep the employees motivated and engaged over an extended period.

Here are a few examples of successful long-term service rewards programs powered by BrandSTIK and FOXBOX:

1. Aakash Byju Long-term Rewards Program: This program includes a glass trophy, lapel pin, a Google Nest Mini, chocolates, and a premium top-bottom box with company branding.

2. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Rewards and Recognition project: For TCS, BrandSTIK curated a reward kit including a customized trophy, a metal sipper, and a welcome card, all individually packed in a company logo branded custom white box. Each individual kit was tagged with the employee’s name, cling-wrapped, packed in carton boxes, and shipped to TCS office addresses across India.

3. Global Logic, a Hitachi Group program: BrandSTIK’s SAAS Platform FOXBOX Rewards manages this program, which includes giving long-term rewards to over 3000 employees across various years of completion. The program includes giving rewards for the first year, second year, third year, fifth year, and tenth year anniversary through an automated platform.

Long-term service rewards programs are an excellent way to show appreciation for employees’ loyalty and hard work, and they go a long way in keeping employees motivated and engaged. These programs serve as a great retention tool and help companies to retain their valuable employees.

BrandSTIK and FOXBOX offer end-to-end program management services that make long-term service rewards programs easy to implement and manage. They help companies to create customized and unique reward kits that reflect the company’s values and brand.

In conclusion, long-term service rewards programs are an excellent way to recognize and reward employees’ loyalty and hard work.

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