Introducing Smaller Footprint Sustainable Welcome Kits.

Making sustainable and eco-positive choices in everyday life can add up to make a larger impact over time. 

Smaller Footprint, our newest partner, believes in helping organizations and individuals take a good step for the environment with a unique and exciting range.

You can download the catalog here.

We upcycle our products from sustainable natural materials or from waste items. Discarded coconut shells into beautiful cups, cutlery, and tea lights. Leftover husk from coffee and rice processing into cups and other drinkware. Bamboo is into music amplifiers that do not consume electricity and so on. Cork into laptop sleeves and trays. Recycled Polyester Felt (upcycled from waste plastic) into laptop bags and t-shirts and many more such products. 

Why not choose your next Welcome Kit from Smaller Footprint and make a better choice. 

Reach out to us and curate your next welcome kit or gift and signal your commitment to the environment.

+91 9594070940/ 9167373749 or drop us a mail at

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