Smartphone Hybrid U Disk Pen Drive

Smartphone Hybrid U Disk Pen Drive

BrandSTIK introduces  a new pen drive which is completely different and a lot special from the rest of pen drives in the market. Smartphone Hybrid U Disk Pen Drive.


It can be connected to desktop, smartphones & tablets.

For all tablet users and mobile users here is a solution to extend your storage and also a better way to access files in your pen drive. There is a very low availability of USB option in tablets and many very actually facing the same problem. Now the problem that you are facing can be answered through this unique pen drive.

hybrid Pen drives - BrandSTIK

A pen drive with two connectors one is a normal USB and another is a mini-USB. Like every pen drive you can use an USB to connect to an PC or Laptops. But a mini-USB can be used to connect to your tablets, mobiles and many other devices.

Smartphone Hybrid U Disk Pen Drive- BrandSTIK

The newest technology in USB Drives being introduced by BrandSTIK is the Smartphone U Disk Flash Drive which is a flash drives but also doubles up as an external memory for your phone and enables you to instantly transfer and play data, music and videos from your Smartphone or your U Disk

Hybrid Pen Drive - BrandSTIK

Why you need a Smartphone U Disk Flash Drive?

Simply because with so much content consumed on your Smartphone you may always fall short of memory. Or you may need to transfer some files immediately . Or there might be some content in your flash drive which you would need to play . Smartphone U Disk allows you to do all that.


When you simply connect the Smartphone U Disk to your mobile you can instantly transfer your data or play music or video or simply exchange file. No need to install any software.

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