Promotional Umbrellas

Promotional Umbrellas

Umbrellas are a great promotional tool for brands to connect with customers and ensure maximum brand impact. The biggest advantage of Umbrellas as promotional merchandise is that they have very high utility value and provide great branding space. Moreover during usage umbrella provide great brand impact outdoors. They are the cheapest outdoor advertising medium!

BrandSTIK provides a whole range of promotional umbrellas which brands can choose from . They vary in size, design and cost.  Below listed are some of the most popular promotional umbrellas . Minimum order for custom made umbrellas is 200 pcs.

 Classic 2 Fold Umbrella

2 FOLD UMBRELLA - 23 inch

Sizes Available 21 inch, 23 inch , 24.5 inch

These are most popular promotional umbrellas as they are easy to carry around and available in compact size. They come in 3 different sizes with identical base. The panels can be custom printed with multi colour printing.

Piano Umbrella

 piano umbrella

So called because of the base this very stylish Piano Umbrella is also great for premium brands and is apt for senior management  Standard size is 23 inch


Kargil  Umbrella

 kargil umbrella

The promotional kargil umbrella is y designed to avoid the water from dripping after the use. . These is an extra attachment on the top of plastic cone type which actually slides down and covers the umbrella after closed & use. This helps in avoiding the surrounding getting wet.

Wooden Umbrella – 23 inch

 wooden umbrella

These have as the name suggest Wooden base which make it look quite elegant and manly. This is fast gaining prominence among brands.

 Golf Umbrella – 23 inch

 golf umbrella

These  Golf Umbrellas  are basically straight umbrellas in both hand open as auto open. Available in standard 23 inch size.

 So for branding you have option to go with custom branding on single panels on each position  or complete digital covering the entire surface. You also have options of wood  or plastic handles with a manual open / close mechanism.

BrandSTIK provides these custom brand logo printed umbrellas with a minimum qty of only 100 pcs with customised printings.


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