Why EViO Power Bank is a Must Have Gadget for Enhancing Productivity

Why EViO Power Bank is a Must Have Gadget for Enhancing Productivity

So what is a EViO Power Bank : It’s an external battery which is charged when you are at home or office using a USB. You can use this power bank  to charge all your mobile and digital devices on the go.

EViO Power Bank

Why is EViO Power Bank handy : EViO Power Banks are small in size, so portable. Can charge any phone , don’t need to carry multiple chargers. Now you don’t have to worry about dying battery life. Don’t miss those important calls. Enhance Productivity. Just plug in and change wherever and whenever, instantly!

What can a EViO Power Bank Charge : All mobiles, smart phones, ipods, digital cameras and tablets .

How Much Charge Will a Power Bank provide Me?  Well it depends on two things one battery power of power bank and the phone you are charging. 4000 mAH EVIO Power bank can extend Power for

  • iPhone 25+ Hrs (Talk time)
  • iPod 70+ Hrs (Audio playback)
  • iPad 4.5+ Hrs (Using time)
  • Tablet 5+ Hrs (Using time)
  • Smart Phone 15+ Hrs (Talk time)
  • HTC 15+ Hrs (Talk time)
  • Blackberry 15+ Hrs (Talk time)
  • Game console 10+ Hrs (Playing time)
  • MP3 player 100 Hrs (Audio playback)
  • *Under Standard Ideal Test Conditions

  • Why an EViO Power Bank recommended:

EViO Power Bank

EViO is specialized power bank brand with over 10 models across various battery size from 2200 to 13000 mAH. Its the only Power Bank in India with 13000 mAH Battery. It also has its own range of Solar and Laptop Chargers. All its products come with high quality Lithium Polymer battery. Has CE, RoHS , FCC certification the highest certification in the world. 1 year warranty and Sleek Design with good branding options are hallmark of the EViO brand.

The 4000 mAH EViO Power bank is the best seller among premium segment. With 4000 mAH Power you can easily charge your phone and tablets on the go.
Ready Stock for EViO Power Banks for Diwali season. MOQ of only 50 pcs with custom branding of logo.

Call BrandSTIK for a demo and you are sure to surprise yourself with the most wanted gadget in the world. To buy online Click here  . to Visit EViO Webiste. Click Here

EViO Power Bank


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