Introducing the Diwali WowBOX Collection from BrandSTIK

Introducing the Diwali WowBOX Collection from BrandSTIK. Simply the most awesome curated Diwali Gift Boxes.

Every other day we will share a Diwali gift box curated by one of our sales team members with a specific theme. The objective is to share tons of ideas for planning your Diwali Gift for your employees/clients/other stakeholders. If you like these and want to customize them for your brand do connect with me.

Best Selling Diwali Kit

Diwali WowBOX Collection’s Best Selling Diwali Kit for this week includes sustainable Coconut Shell Soy Wax Candles and all-time favorites Nuts and chocolate combo, packed in a custom Diwali-themed box packaging.

Day 1:

Diwali WowBOX Code 1.507 – Curated by Sanjana A

A premium gift basket that has some lovely, curated gourmet and utility products

Elements: Rice Husk Mug | Candle | True Elements Antioxidants Mix | Nutty Grittiest Combo | Tea Culture Tulsi | 4700BC Premium Popcorn | Scented Candle | Premium Hamper Basket | Diwali Card

Budget: Rs 2000-5000

Day 2:

Diwali WowBOX Code 2.818 – Curated by Sandra

A Custom gift box that has a premium copper bottle, and tasty dry fruits with a few Diwali decor.

Elements: Copper Bottle | Cashew Potli | Almonds Potli | 4 Diyas | Scented Candle | Top Bottom Custom Box | Diwali Card

Budget: Rs 1000-2000

Day 3:

Diwali WowBOX Code 2.823 – Curated by Sanchita

A Combo Set that has the trending Boat Bluetooth Speaker and Cloche Jar Candle.

Elements: Boat Stone Grenade Bluetooth Speaker | Hand Poured Soy Wax Cloche Bell Jar Candle | Diwali Card | E-flute Box

Budget: Rs.2000-3000

Diwali WowBOX Series: Day 4

Diwali WowBOX Code 2.901 – Curated by Purnima

A Hamper that has the trending copper bottle, Dry fruits in interesting scroll packaging, and much more.

Elements: Copper Bottle| Dry fruits in Scroll box | Smoor Chocolates | Coconut Shell Candles | Cork Tray

Budget: Rs.2000-3000

Diwali WowBOX Series: Day 5

Diwali WowBOX Code 2.905 – Curated by Sayali

The tea hamper with a sustainable tea cup and a pair of coconut candles are perfect for a great evening with guests this Diwali.

Elements: Tea Culture Assorted Teas in a Box | Coconut Shell Tea Cup | Coconut Shell Soy Wax Candles | Wooden Tray

Budget: Rs.2000-3000

Diwali WowBOX Series: Day 6

Diwali WowBOX Code 2.907 – Curated by Gargi

This Combo Kit of Gourmet and Utility is a great Diwali Hamper for Individual Gifting with Scented Candles to bring in the Diwali vibes.

Elements: Waffle Mills waffle Chips | Tiggle Hot Chocolate | Entisi Almonds Dragees | 4700BC Gourmet Popcorn | Borosil Coffeemate | Scented Candle | Wooden Tray

Budget: Rs.2000-3000

Diwali WowBOX Series: Day 7

Diwali WowBOX Code 2.912 – Curated by Akshata

This Combo Kit of Gourmet and Wax Candle is presented in a unique way with wooden scroll packaging to bring a wow experience this Diwali.

Elements: Dry Fruits and Tea Combo in a Wooden Scroll Packaging | Coconut Shell Soy Wax Candle | Wooden Tray

Budget: Rs.2000-3000

Stay Tuned for more.!

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