Bar Accessories

Bar Accessories

BrandSTIk introduces top 3 Bar Accessories.

1) Unique Beer Filled Freezing Mug : Beer chilling mug with liquid freezing gel makes it more attractive and wanted by the consumers. This is the frosty iceberg beer mug to enhance your party and filled it with lots of fun. For the best results, place your frosty mug straight up in the freezer compartment of your refrigerator for 2-4 hours, when the coolant (non- toxic) appears frozen, remove it from the freezer and fill with your favorite drink.


2) Customized Playing Cards : If you love to play cards, then you definitely want them to get it customize in your own style. Playing cards printing are the best tool for promoting your business in an effective manner. Playing cards are usually used for playing card games and to do magic tricks. There is only one way to make your cards different from other playing card brand, and that is to get them customized. Playing cards can be customize in your own style and they make you able to choose color of your own choice.dscn8444

3 ) Customized Set of Dual Playing Cards : You can gift these personalized play cards to a person who loves to play cards. One can add uniqueness to the Custom playing cards by printing some photos of your favorite hero or any player’s photo on the cards. There are many ways of customizing the cards. They made great gift options. Companies personalize playing cards by printing their logo and company name on it.


All our Products come with warranty. Minimum order quantity as low as 200 pcs. For more information or to see samples. send us a mail on or chat with us live on our website.


I am content Specialist with BrandSTIK and write about new product launches and generally everything around merchandise.

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