Customized Passport Holders / Travel Wallets

Customized Passport Holders / Travel Wallets

Passport holders have always remained a great promotional products for many years simply because of the great utility it provides. BrandSTIK provides whole range of custom designed passport holders in various materials including leather, CCF, Eco Friendly Jute, Denier material. You can choose your own design , material and packing for your brand.

Customized Passport Holders / Travel Wallets

With a  passport holder you can keep all your travel related documents in one place. These come in very handy as it avoids potential misplace of important documents during your travel.  Passport holders come in various styles from single fold to multiple folds, with additional space for small documents.

You can even have personalized names on each passport holder in case you are looking for exclusivity. Logo can be embossed or printed as per requirement.

To make it exclusive you can go for a premium box or a regular polybag packing.

Customized Passport Holders/ Travel Wallets

All passport holders provided by BrandSTIK are completely customized. You can choose from existing design or make your own design. The size , section and materials is as per your requirement.  Minimum order quantity for regular designs is 100 and custom made in 250 pcs.


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