Diwali Special : New Unique Bluetooth Speakers for This Diwali

Diwali Special : New Unique Bluetooth Speakers for This Diwali

This Diwali we have launched some unique Bluetooth Speakers with amazing functionality and design. Our most popular LED Lamp Bluetooth Speakers is a colour changing lamp and Bluetooth Speaker. We have also launched, Desk Lamp Bluetooth Speaker, Flower Pot Bluetooth Speaker, Wooden Design Bluetooth Speakers, Hanging Lamp Bluetooth Speaker. All are available in ready stock and MOQ as low as 50 pcs.

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1) LED Lamp Bluetooth SpeakersThis Bluetooth speaker can be a promo gift or used as a marketing means, add a brand name to it and you are set. It has given options power that can be selected as per the users convenience, the light of this led speaker can be changed by touch, answer you calls in efficient manner, listen to music from your phone palylist or connect to the FM radio, it even has a pen drive slot from which you can play music. With just 2 hours of charging time it provides 3-5 hours of playtime.

LED Lamp Bluetooth Speakers

2) Desk Lamp Bluetooth SpeakerA innovative music lamp, that will not just help you get your work done in the dark but can even play some music to lighten the mood and make you relax when you are completing your work. The light of the lamp can be adjusted as per your requirement it can be even be placed in a kids bedroom and user can play any music via the Bluetooth connection. Touch table lamp switches which provide easy access and operation of this lamp and also includes a USB charging port and a sleeping mode.

Desk Lamp Bluetooth Speaker

3) Flower Pot Bluetooth SpeakerThis creative speaker designs brings music for you wrapped up in nature. It is a unique but appealing concept which can. It has taken all the appropriate measure to make sure that the plant will actually grow and you the buttons are placed in easy to access position, you can select the next song on your playlist , it has a USB charging point where you can plug in the speaker to charge, its not harmful in any way and even displays the power mode. A decently placed speaker hole carries the music over the entire room

Flower Pot Bluetooth Speaker

4) Wooden Design Bluetooth SpeakersCharging port has been provided so that you can keep the device ready and fully charged to be used when needed. Wooden speakers can be connected to phone or any devices with wireless means, wooden speakers are better for equal distribution of the sound of the music the user is listening.And the clarity of the music is much better as compared to other speakers. IT can be customized with the logo or brand name of your company, or add a short message that you want to share with you friends.

Wooden Design Bluetooth Speakers5) Hanging Lamp Bluetooth SpeakerCompatible with all smart phones that have Bluetooth this particular gadget is an helpful phone accessory to carry, it can be connected to mobile phones via Bluetooth connection and you can listen to Fm radio or any of your favorite song without any noise in the background. It can be used for rehearsal or practicing dance moves when the phone volume doesn’t go higher than what you want, it amplifies the volume of your music so that you can hear it at higher volume. And as it is Bluetooth device you can get it connected without the mess of wires.

Hanging Lamp Bluetooth Speaker

6) Pen Stand Bluetooth SpeakerThis innovative creation combines a pen stand and Bluetooth speakers, keep it on your desk and keep it clean by storing all your writing instrument like pen, pencils in it. If you get bored of your work you can connect it to your phone via Bluetooth and listen to music of your choice, or you can listen to peaceful music when you are tired and need to listen to something refreshning. You can get it customized with the name of your company to spread a word about it as many people will surely pass through your desk.

Pen Stand Bluetooth Speaker7) Smart Box Bluetooth Speaker : This smart box speaker come’s with a remote camera shutter, as well as Bluetooth anti-lost technology, which alerts the user that the connectivity is lost if he/she goes farther than his connected device, in this case farther then 10 meters which is the range of these Bluetooth speakers. High quality stereo audio data transmission makes sure that you get to listen to clear music, before you use this you need to get the smart box speaker app which will assist you in activation all of its functions, its lightweight design makes it easier to carry around.

Smart Box Bluetooth Speaker8) HM Bluetooth SpeakerA customizable cube speaker that is also a power bank, it is compatible with most of the devices that Can be connected via Bluetooth so you can easily connect your smart phone to this cube speaker without the wires getting tangled as there is no need fro wires or cords, it gives the best voice output so you have listen to music without any noise or disturbances. It lightweight designs makes it portable so it can carried around on travels and will assist the user in charging his/her phone, idle for people who are constantly on the go or out on a trip.

HM Bluetooth Speaker9) Wooden Elephant Bluetooth SpeakerWooden speakers that can be connected to your phone in an instant via Bluetooth, they look aesthetic with the elephant design, it can even be considered as a cool showpiece to have around your house, but this portable speaker can be carried around anywhere, and will assist you in amplifying the volume of any music you want to play once you connect it to your smart phone. Furthermore the wooden built of this speakers is even better fro the voice distribution so you will get high quality sound when you play your music through it.

Wooden Elephant Bluetooth Speaker10) X16 Bluetooth SpeakerQuick access speaker as well as digital clock which you can keep next to your bed, so that you can check the time anytime and even listen to music without any interruption with the clean and high quality sound produced by this gadget. It has placed the buttons on the top of the device so that user can easily manage and operate the device. It also act as an digital alarm clock that can be set according to the users preference. Has a charging port, and the lightweight design will let you carry it around.

X16 Bluetooth SpeakerAll our Products comes with warranty. Minimum order quantity as low as 50 pcs. For more information or to see samples send us a mail on or chat with us live on our website.

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