Gift Chocolates For Corporate Gifting

Gift Chocolates For Corporate Gifting

Gift That Speak Louder Than Greeting! Something Special For Everyone…

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1) 9 Piece Corporate Box : Delve in and explore our newly assorted 9 piece gift box, a mix of Milk Chocolate Minis & Dark Chocolate Rochers.9 Piece Corporate Box

2) Collective Two : The gorgeous copper sleeve box offers our festive chocolates – Milk Mendiants and Dark Chocolate Honey Comb.

Collective Two3) 16 Piece Corporate Box : Beneath this celebration box discover an assortment of Mendiants in Milk & Dark Chocolate flavors.

16 Piece Corporate Box

4) Cookies Combo (Set of 2)A set of two cookie combo set – Offering 1 – Oat & Coconut cookies + Fudge cookies, Offering 2 – Cocoa Almond Cookies + Chocochip cookies.

Cookies Combo5) Bonbons : The signature soft centered Bonbons in ten exotic flavors – crafted with passion for serious chocolate lovers and designed to take your indulgence a notch higher.

Bonbons6) Collective Three : A perfectly accessorized chocolate lovers delight offers Cocoa pods shaped Milk Chocolate, Cocoa pods shaped Milk Chocolate, 75 % Dark Chocolate Minis.

Collective Three

7) Cookies Combo : Crispy, Crunchy, Fudgy and Moist – the cookie combo pack (Oat & Coconut Cookies, Fudge Cookies, Cocoa Almond Cookies and Chocochip Cookies) is loaded with myriad flavours, striking and gentle, just like your most beautiful relationships.

Cookies Combo8) Truffles : Our signature melt in mouth Truffles – These indulgent desserts are enriched with 8 scrumptious flavors of ganache and loaded with chocolate goodness.

Truffles9) Symphony : An exotic gift hamper all dressed up for this festive season offers an assortment of Milk Chocolate Rochers, Dark Chocolate Rochers, Nuts sprinkled Milk Chocolate Minis, Dark Chocolate Minis and Milk Mendiants.

Symphony10) Collective Four : An elegant member of our signature gifting range hosts an assortment of delectable chocolates – Milk Mendiants ,Cocoa pod shaped pure Chocolates, Dark Chocolate Honeycomb & Butterscotch Crunchettes. One can also personalize the choice of assortments.

Collective Four

11) Small Tray : A joy of gifting comes with this Choko la Hamper comprising of Decadent chocolates – Bite size Milk Chocolate in a attractive copper packaging , a Dark Chocolate Mendiants box, a Sweet Love box with Dark Chocolate Hearts, Milk Chocolate Minis and Dark Chocolate Rochers.

Small Tray

12) Chocolate Treasure : The authentic wooden box hosts delicious chocolate treats – Nuts sprinkled Milk Chocolate Minis, Butterscotch Crunchettes, Dark Chocolate Mendiants, Bite size milk Chocolate , Chocolate coated Rice Crispie Cookies with Almond, Chocolate coated Rice Crispie cookies with Pistachio.

Chocolate Treasure13) Medium Tray : This hamper features an abundance of love ,happiness and chocolates – Butterscotch Crunchettes, Milk Chocolate Hearts, Collective one gift box with Cocoa pod shaped pure Chocolates, exotic Indian flavor Tropical Coconut Chocolate, Oat Cookies and Cocoa Almond Cookies.

Medium Tray

All our Products comes with warranty. Minimum order quantity as low as 50 pcs. For more information or to see samples send us a mail on or chat with us live on our website.

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