Promo Branded Fridge Magnets

Promo Branded Fridge Magnets

If you are looking for a low cost way to reach out to all customers homes then custom fridge magnets are a great idea. The biggest advantage of custom fridge magnets is they can be completely customized.

Promo Branded Fridge Magnets

So if you have a shape in mind it can be developed in that shape. So if you are an automobile brand, it would be a great idea to have fridge magnets in the shape of your car. It can be in the shape of your brand. Or simply your logo. This will enhance your logos awareness.

Also on fridge magnets you can provide important information, like customer care number or website id or simply your facebook page to improve recall.

These custom fridge magnets come in various material from laminated paper or  PVC rubber. If you are looking for super glossy finish then one suggest laminated magnet option, if you need a 3D effect then PVC rubber based magnets are more suited.

Promo Branded Fridge Magnets

BrandSTIK provides complete 4 C print options for striking effect, besides any shape is possible.

The MOQ for laminated wood model is as low as 250 pcs , while the PVC model since requires molding is 1000 pcs. The turnaround time for laminated wood is as low as 7 days .

Promo Branded Fridge Magnets

One sees many companies providing quirky messages on the fridge magnets which can be a awesome idea to ensure your brand stays @ customers homes.


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