Promotional Desktop Calendars 2016

Promotional Desktop Calendars 2016

BrandSTIK presents the top New Year Gifts for your customers and channel partners. As we approach the new year BrandSTIK introduces the first of its unique and engaging calendar designs. Here’s an interesting calendar concept. Awesome Calendars are real fun to gift this new year. With touch point Calendars, clearing this hurdle is child’s play! They tantalize the hand and eye, constantly encourage touches, and become a sought- after desk accessory.

1) Magnetic Cube CalendarInnovative calendar which has 3 cubes which assemble magnetically to form a tower. It allows users to play assemble rotate create and make the calendar their own.MS211_Magnetic_Cube_Calendars_banner2) 3D Magnetic Cube CalendarCreate endless impression all year long with 3D Magic Cube Calendars. This is a fun and creative way to get your customer engage with your brand.

3D Magnetic Cube Calendar3) Magnetic Circle CalendarOur newest design, Magnetic blocks in circle shape with custom artwork. Great Premium Calendar.

Magnetic Circle Calendar14) Magic Cube CalendarThe classic and our most popular promotional  product. When unfolded, images on the Magic Cube coincide with images and text in a seemingly endless procession.

Magic Cube Calendar5) Diamond Magic Cube CalendarAmazingly multifaceted, with up to 20 faces. It’s only when you touch it that it surprisingly changes shape. Make your campaign shine, by turning your Diamond Calendar into a collector version featuring your logo “tag”.

Diamond Magic Cube Calendar6) Lego / Building Block CalendarBrandSTIK can develop custom calendar based on brief and even mould new designs. Here are some of the more popular designs. Build all year with our building block calendar. Allow your customer to play and create with your personalized calendar. Made up of 3 – 4 Cubes which can be custom branded.

Lego  Building Block Calendar7) Spinning Desktop Calendar / SuspensionIt’s Always a fun to spin up things. Especially if those have utility too. Spinning it up will not only give your customer the fun element but will also help you have a unique calendar and 365 days fun on your desk. An original 3 Dimensional calendar that gives you superior promotional ROI.

Spining Desktop Calendar  SUSPENSION8) Duo Cube Calendar – MonthlyEngages your clients to browse your brand everyday.Duo Cube Calendar - Monthly9) Duo Cube Calendar – DailyEngages your clients to browse your brand everyday.Duo Cube Calendar - Daily10) Revolving TowerYou cannot resist, you have to turn it. A real desk sculpture with calendar function.

Revolving Tower11) 3×3 Revolving Calendar CubeIt is the perfect advertisement tool to promote your company brand, your products, and or services, as well as to introduce marketing campaigns.

3x3 Revolving Calendar Cube12) 3×5 Revolving Calendar CubeFunny calendar rotating 3D cube-shaped. Calendar consists of 15 rotating cubes in 5 vertical axes printed in offset.

3x5 Revolving Calendar Cube13) Magic Can CalendarThese 3 dimensional, interactive geometric puzzles tell an ever-changing story. As you play, new surfaces real more of your promotional message.

Magic Can Calendar14) Perpetual Usb Hub CalendarCreate your own desktop calendar with this unique puzzle calendar made up of “Lego” type building blocks. Adjust the date and day once a month and it could be used for 10,000 years!

Usb Hub Calendar15) Spiral CalendarBrandSTIK can develop custom calendar based on brief and even mould new designs. Here are some of the more popular designs.

Spiral Calendar16) Bud let Shape Desktop CalendarThis blooming flowerpot terrific calendar will bring you a wonderful beginning of one day! It could you placed in your living room, bedding room or your office, a smart decoration on your tale.

Budlet Shape Desktop Calendar17) Rotator Desktop CalendarA pen holder attached with a printed desktop monthly calendar.

Rotator Desktop Calendar18) Cube Pen CalendarThe Cube Pen engages customers to have fun and twist the cubes. Finally a writing instrument that will stay a 12-month on client’s desk.

Cube Pen Calendar19) Boat Shape Desktop CalendarDesktop Calendar is a compact type of calendar on your desk. Material: plastic, Two colors available, Eco-friendly, Good for decoration.

Ship Shape Desktop Calendar20) Clip Shape Desktop CalendarDesktop Calendar is a compact type of calendar on your desk. Material: plastic + 128 gsm paper, Three colors are available, Eco-friendly, Nice photo frame.

Clip Shape Desktop Calendar21) Wine Glass Shape Desktop CalendarDesktop Calendar is a compact type of calendar on your desk. Eco-friendly.

Wine Glass Shape Desktop Calendar

22) Frame Shape Desktop CalendarWooden Rotational Calendar With Clock. Premium Shining Finish.

Frame Shape Desktop Calendar23) Revolving Calendar Disk12 Panels have front and top surfaces for your custom artwork. Center holder for pens, pencils, etc. Great for promoting your company’s products and services. Ideal for sales meetings, trade shows, incentives, product launches, education, and more.

Revolving Calendar Disk24) Wooden Rotational CalendarWooden Desktop Calendar with Clock is made up of  Wooden Material. It comes with Clock, Wooden Calendar. It can be customized with Logo Printing.

Wooden Rotational Calendar25) Perpetual Calendar with Clock : Perpetual Metal Calendar With Clock. BrandSTIK can develop custom calendar based on brief and even mould new designs. Here are some of the more popular designs. It can be customised with logo printing.

Perpetual Calendar with Clock26) Perpetual Wooden Calendar with ClockMulti purpose Desktop calendar. Perpetual calendar with Clock. Car Holder, Pen Holder and Memo pad Holder.

Perpetual Wooden Calendar with Clock27) Calendar with Key HolderFashionable metal calendar With Key Chain Holder Tidy is all you need to make your personal working space more Attractive.

Calendar with Key Holder28) Promotional Message Banner Pens with Calendar function: Pens are the most popular merchandise in the world. Banner pen can print 4C artwork on both sides of the pen. Promotional Banner Pens are plastic pens which have a built in retractable banner message inside each banner. An additional laminated banner which can be pulled out from the pen barrel which is almost 7 inches wide. The banner is large enough to accommodate great visual imagery or content about your brand , company product.CalendarSend us a mail on for enquiries.

For complete catalogue please visit the link – BrandSTIK Diwali Catalogue 2015.


I am content Specialist with BrandSTIK and write about new product launches and generally everything around merchandise.

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