Promotional Message Banner Pens with Calendar function

Promotional Message Banner Pens with Calendar function

Pens are the most popular merchandise in the world. Not only they are the cheapest but also offer good  customization in terms of colors and branding space. However with so many pens being distributed everyday by different companies how does one provide something unique and innovative yet keeping its cost low. BrandSTIK recommends the Promotional Banner Pen. Promotional Banner Pens are plastic pens which have a built in retractable banner message inside each banner. An additional laminated banner which can be pulled out from the pen barrel which is almost 7 inches wide. The banner is large enough to accommodate great visual imagery or content about your brand , company product . Both sides of the banner can be printed in 4C digital printing so the effect is very good. These banners are non tearable so one need not worry about it going bad. Custom calendar pen for promotional usage. Calendar is an always useful and classic promotional gifts, and pen too. Now we combine both calendar and pen into one product — the calendar pen!10807_cS (2)As a business gift, Promotional Message Banner Pens are a Unique New Concept. Latest innovative promotional gift that is both functional and informative. Banner Pens are a great conversation piece.Calender_2016BrandSTIK range of Promotional Message Banner Pens come with various features,

  • High quality printed promotional pen with a long life cartridge to prolong the pens useful life.
  • The Clear barrel of the pen allows for a much larger branding area then other printed pens.
  • Full color printing on both sides of the brochure give a selling and branding opportunity then other printed pens cant match.
  • The cost of the printed promotional pen makes a very affordable business item / giveaway.
  • High perceived value product.
  • Our innovative retractable banner message pens leave a long-lasting impression on potential customers.
  • Color matching of pens to your corporate colors makes it a fantastic business item.
  • An idea for your promotional gifts that will surely delight.
  • Attention Grabbing.
  • Small pen with a big message.
  • Banner pens are a truly eye-catching and a modern way in which to promote your brand.

We can customize your Promotional Message Banner Pens with company logo.scroll-penPromotional Message Banner Pen is especially ideal for financial institutions, law offices, government agencies, real estate agencies and any other business where dated signatures are commonplace. Print your logo, company information and special offers on our personalized message pens! With message pens from Post-Up stand, your customers will take your brand with them everywhere they go. Find the perfect ones for your message today.

Available in various colors and with full printing on both sides. MOQ if 300 pcs. For lower quantities please contact us.  For more information or to see samples. Send us a mail on or chat with us live on our website.


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