Promotional Video Brochure

Promotional Video Brochure

Need to consider different marketing strategies and search different approaches when developing their brand and these great promotional video brochures makes the perfect idea.

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We are living in the age of technologies and that’s why today paper brochure seem so out of date. These video brochures can be fully customizable product and are available in different colors, designs and shapes, with opportunities to print any information you want.

The actual screen is LCD meaning high quality video and works simply by playing a video whenever the customer/client opens the promo brochure, easy!

Why we advise you to use promotional video brochure for your business marketing campaign?

Usually customers are too lazy to read the printed brochures, and even look into them, you only look at pictures. In this case they will gladly watch your promotional videos. Brand image will be enhanced and your clients engage in a memorable brand experience.

Using promotional video brochure is winning promotional approach! Your message will come to life with video playing technology. Video in print is the best way to communicate more effectively with your clients. It is really good for your brand marketing.

Also we need to emphasize that this marketing product is perfect for any industry, doesn’t matter what product or services your company produces.

You don’t need to print thick booklet to represent your business from all sides. It is enough to record short videos and load it on video brochures. This promotional idea is colorful and easy to design so don’t think it is just waste of your company’s money.

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All our Products comes with warranty. Minimum order quantity as low as 100 pcs. For more information or to see samples send us a mail on or chat with us live on our website.

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