Russell Hobbs RGS160M 1600-Watt Garment Steamer

Russell Hobbs RGS160M 1600-Watt Garment Steamer

BrandSTIK Presents, Russell Hobbs RGS160M 1600-Watt Garment Steamer.

Russell Hobbs RGS160M 1600-Watt Garment Steamer

BrandSTIK range of Garment Steamer comes with various Features :

  • High stability bigger wheels.
  • Cloth suspension hanger.
  • Warranty : 2 years on product.
  • Power : 1000 watts; Operating voltage : 220-240 volts.

1) Winder Wheels : Winder wheels for easy and stable parking.

Winder Wheels2) Switch : It has push button ON/OFF switch.


3) Water Tank : It has a tank capacity of 1.6 liter for uninterrupted steam supply.

Water Tank

4) Adjustable Ironing Hanger : The clothes can be strung up from this attached cloth suspension hanger for making your job easy.

Adjustable Ironing Hanger

5) Steam Tube : 1.5 meter steam tube to reach everywhere easily.

Steam TubeAll our Products comes with warranty. Minimum order quantity as low as 10 pcs. For more information or to see samples send us a mail on or chat with us live on our website.


I am content Specialist with BrandSTIK and write about new product launches and generally everything around merchandise.

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