Solar Rechargeable Lantern

Solar Rechargeable Lantern

This is the New Variation Solar Rechargeable Lantern. Equate to the older version, this lantern is 2-in-1 function. You should use it in as just a camping lantern whenever you pull up = on and push straight down = off (No Need the change), or as a regular handheld flashlight (within the base). The flashlight features its own handle.

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2-in-1 solar rechargeable Light-emitting Diode camping light and handheld flashlight. To turn on you need to pull it up also to close push it down. In addition has a flashlight inside base plus the battery life is great. This solar led lantern is super bright and easy to use for for Hiking, Emergencies, Hurricanes, Outages, Storms, Camping etc. and will be properly used even for emergencies in vehicle. It’s an integrated rechargeable batteries. A fantastic Tent Light/Flashlight to have in almost every household. It’s very lightweight and durable. Very easy and reliable for emergencies. It’s foldaway handles that’ll permit you to carry around or perhaps hang it up, or perhaps lay it on an apartment area. I think you cant wait to camp along with your family or friends when you have this camping lantern.

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There is no need batteries. Frankly you don’t have to be replacing batteries. This solar rechargeable camping light has a built in rechargeable batteries. Conveniently completely charge in the open air during the day watching it light up all hours associated with night. Tent light it self also pick up sun while indoors. You wont have to worry about running out of power. The Solar Camping Light is collapsible, durable, well made and portable, super bright, light fat. Offering you convenience when you need it many. Lantern Flashlight are suitable for out-of-doors and indoors. It can also be properly used even for emergencies within the vehicles. I think you cant wait to go camping with your family members or friends when you yourself have this camping light. A fantastic light to have in most household.

Emergency Charging : Emergency back-up Charging the utilization of most cellphones and cellular devices.

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BrandSTIK range of Solar Rechargeable Camping Lantern comes with various features,

  • Multiple charging mode : solar powered, A/C adapter, or 3X AAA battery (Battery not included).
  • Top solar design, solar charging, environmental protection, close to nature, innovative fashion.
  • Unique engaging design, portable, also can be hung anywhere, easy to use.
  • High-powered LED lamp beads.
  • Equipped with USB output for mobile charging.
  • Color : Mixed Colors (Black and Gold)

Applications : 

Suitable for : camping, fishing, hiking, emergencies, outage, reading and other outdoor activities.

Package Contents :

  • 1xCollapsible Solar Camping Lantern.
  • 1xDC charging cable.

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Watch Solar Rechargeable Lantern on YouTube : Here

All our Products comes with warranty. Minimum order quantity as low as 100 pcs. For more information or to see samples send us a mail on or chat with us live on our website.


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