Here’s an interesting calendar concept. The Spinning Desktop Calendar or Suspension Calendar

Spinning Suspension Desktop Calendar

It’s always fun to spin up things. Especially if those have utility too. Spinning it up will not only give your customers the fun element but will also help you have a unique calendar on your desktop.

Following with the features :

  • 2014 Calendar
  • Spin the suspended blocks to line up your calendar, or just play with them
  • Fun interactive calendar which puts your ad in the hands of your customers

Spinning Suspension Desktop Calendar

The spinning desktop calendar comes with three spinning blocks on a white ABS plastic desktop holder. You can custom design the artwork with full colour printing. Best suited as a desktop calendar application. The graphics can be designed to promote a single unified message or theme. All 3 cubes of this calendar assemble together  to form  2014 suspension Table Calendars

Fun to spin and play with every day is possible with a minimum qty of only 500pcs with fully customised.


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