Top 8 Diwali Merchandise 2013

Top 8 Diwali Merchandise 2013

BrandSTIK celebrates the onset of festival of lights in India with the release of its exclusive Diwali Catalogue for 2013. The full catalogue can be accessed via the link on ISSUU Viewer here  or YouTube. Through this post we present snapshot of the catalogue where we share the Top 8  Merchandise which we believe  will be trending this Diwali. They are avalaible across all budgets in fast turnaround time.

1) Mobile Accessories : Power Banks

Power Banks

The most useful gift you can ever give somebody in today’s time has to be a Power bank. With everybody on mobiles and low battery a genuine concern, Power Banks is the ideal gadgets for people to carry around as it can provide instant charge for your phones and tablets on the go.

We recommend the 4000 mAH EViO Power Bank which packs in enough power to charge all your phones and bit of your tablet on the go. Other models also avalaible.

Other Options  :  Solar + USB Power Banks

 2) Household : LED Candles

LED Candles

If you needs something which is a household gift and connects with festival of light then LED Candles are the new age pollution free and techie solution. These flicker just like normal candle lights and are extremely stylish operate on batteries.

BrandSTIK recommends the floating glass model with a cover which can be branded. Other models also avalaible

3) Gadgets : Stylus Pen Flash Drive

BrandSTIK - Diwali Promo Merchandise -1.858116092013 watermark_Page_11_Image_0003

A great classy gift which is a combinaton of a classic pen , a highly functional pen drive and stylus . Wrapped up in a nice gift box this can be an ideal gift to your discerning customers

Alternate Option  :  Stylus Pen

 4) Desk : Digital Memo

Digital Memo

An exclsuive product from BrandSTIK which is a great desktop piece . Includes a mini board for writing memos includes a marker, a clock which is fitted in centre of the whiteboard. And the magnetic whiteboard is also a great clip holder. Custom branding possible

Alternate Option  :  Digital Memo USB Pad

5) Desktop : Mobile Stand with Speaker

BrandSTIK - Diwali Promo Merchandise -1.858116092013 watermark_Page_19_Image_0002

Another innovative and exclusive product from BrandSTIK is the mobile stand with speaker. The base is sticky to hold your mobile in one position and can be attached to the speaker outlet so sound can be played. Pretty cool idea!

Alternate Option  :  NewTon Morning Glory


6) Travel : Universal Travel Adaptor

Universal Travel Adaptor

Travel based merchandise are a great favorite this season with everybody requiring gadgets when on vacation. This one is extremely useful for those who travel abroad. This Universal Travel Adaptor contains pins compatible in over 140 countries so you dont have to bother about the switches and plugs abroad to charge your phones and laptops.

Alternate Option  :  Passport Holder + Travel Tag

7) Eco Friendly : Green Desk Policy


This is a new solar powered desktop item which displays temperature, calendar and alarm function. It has a built in card and pen holder facility


Alternate Option: New Design : Water Clock


8) Premiums :  Wine Set

Wine Set

For the wine connoisseur nothing comes close to recieveing a fine leather wine gift set with all the standard accessories. With  even an option of personal name branding on the box this can be the perfect premium giveaway

For complete catalogue please visit the link BrandSTIK Diwali Catalogue 2013. Or access our YouTube version here, you can also access via itune


I am content Specialist with BrandSTIK and write about new product launches and generally everything around merchandise.

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  • Merely amazing! I know you have put a whole lot of effort right into this and I really wanted to tell you just how happy I am! Hope you placed out even a lot more spectacular stuff in the close to future and also I will certainly come back and review it!

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