Take a Moment to Gaze : Insight’s Premium Client Kit

At BrandSTIK, we understand the importance of creating a lasting impression, especially when it comes to your premium clients. That’s why we were thrilled to partner with Insight to design a bespoke welcome kit that exudes elegance and functionality. Here’s a closer look at the stunning welcome kit we curated for Insight, tailored to delight and impress their valued clients.

1) Blaupunkt Headphone: Superior Sound, Unmatched Comfort

To kick off the welcome kit, we included the high-quality Blaupunkt headphones. Known for their superior sound and unmatched comfort, these headphones are perfect for Insight’s premium clients who appreciate top-notch audio experiences. Whether for work or leisure, the Blaupunkt headphones deliver crisp, clear sound, making them an indispensable part of any tech-savvy individual’s collection.

2) Diary with Magnetic Closure: Sophistication Meets Practicality

A diary is an essential tool for any professional, and our choice for Insight’s welcome kit was a sleek diary with a magnetic closure. This diary not only offers ample space for notes and ideas but also adds a touch of sophistication with its refined design. The magnetic closure ensures that it stays securely shut, protecting your thoughts and plans in style.

3) Stylish Bottle: Hydration On-the-Go

Staying hydrated is crucial, and doing so in style is even better. The welcome kit includes a chic bottle, perfect for the busy lifestyle of Insight’s premium clients. Whether at the gym, in the office, or on a travel adventure, this stylish bottle is a practical companion that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

4) Parker Pen with Refill: Timeless Elegance


No welcome kit is complete without a classic writing instrument. We selected the Parker pen with a refill, renowned for its timeless elegance and smooth writing experience. This pen is not just a writing tool but a statement piece that reflects the class and sophistication of Insight’s brand.

5. Travel Mug:

For the client constantly on the move, our travel mug is the perfect companion. Designed to keep beverages hot or cold for hours, it is both practical and stylish. The mug features a non-slip grip and a secure lid, preventing spills and ensuring convenience. Insight’s branding on the travel mug makes it a distinctive and functional gift.

Customized Box: The Perfect Presentation

To top it all off, we designed a customized box to house all these premium items. The box features Insight’s logo, ensuring brand consistency and adding a personalized touch to the welcome kit. This elegant packaging elevates the unboxing experience, leaving a memorable impression on Insight’s premium clients.

Why Choose BrandSTIK?

At BrandSTIK, we specialize in creating customized corporate gifts that resonate with your brand and delight your recipients. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality ensures that every welcome kit we design is a true reflection of your brand’s values and aesthetics.

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