Case Study : Laptop Sleeve for DSB International School

Case Study : Laptop Sleeve for DSB International School

BrandSTIK customized Laptop Sleeve for DSB International School. A custom laptop sleeve is a promotional product suitable for people of all ages. As a promo gift cases and sleeves are able to prevent your newly bought laptop or tablet from being scratched by foreign objects or even to protect them from attracting dust. And this ensures that your laptop looks as good as new!

Furthermore, as an incentive, a custom laptop sleeve would definitely increase the value of your brand, especially as give-aways to university and college students. They will carry this bag to classes and lectures, providing great brand exposure. This kind of merchandise has a great opportunity for university logo placement.


If looking to use a different material however they can be easily designed using different custom materials. Another great feature is that this custom laptop sleeve can also be designed to fit tablets. These sleeves in general can be custom made to fit 13″, 14″,15″,16″ sized laptops but can also be made smaller – 9″ – to fit tablets sizes.

It can also be customized to feature your brands logo. Your logo can be printed, debossed or embroidered onto the sleeve, and can be placed in numerous areas over the sleeve, leaving you with a lot of branding area to customize!


How can this custom laptop sleeve increase your marketing potential?

  • Practical : Laptop sleeves as promo gifts are super convenient, durable and will for sure be used on a daily basis. They are also great products to promote at universities and colleges and at electronic events or asgifts with purchases. University students in particularity use their laptops and tablets a lot during lectures, seminars and for carrying around to libraries and other places to study, research and write assignments, making this laptop sleeve the perfect idea for them to use.
  • Design : The design and branding potential for this custom laptop product is huge. You can customise your own colours, materials, size and can easily add your logo and brand name. With this idea the world is your oyster for customization.
  • Brand awareness : You will easily increase your brand awareness and exposure with this product. It is functional, and people like functional and will take advantage using your product if not often but daily, to carry their laptops and tablets in public places.If your brand image and logo are embossed onto the sleeve itself, other potential customers will see this unique sleeve and will remember that your brand gives away and designs cool products. And this in general will help to boost your brands sales, and brand recall in the future.


If you want your brand to be etched into the minds of customers and would like to customize your own unique custom laptop sleeve. Develop one for your brand for MOQ as low as 100 pcs. As a business gift Laptop Sleeves are wonderful product. Enhance your brand image, Excellent quality corporate premium. Great gifts for any occasion/event. All our Products comes with warranty. For more information or to see samples send us a mail on or chat with us live on our website.


I am content Specialist with BrandSTIK and write about new product launches and generally everything around merchandise.

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