Case Study : Toothpaste Shape USB Stick for Colgate

Case Study : Toothpaste Shape USB Stick for Colgate

BrandSTIK developed a custom Toothpaste Shape USB Stick for Colgate. Now Develop your pen drives in any shape, size and design. Your imagination is only the limit. Custom designed pen drives have the highest recall and utility among promotional gifting.

USB Stick Colgate

We can develop specialized moulds for you of any colour, design and shape of you own choice. Now your company logo, shape of your product or packaging or any idea or any concept which was in your mind will be a reality in shape of a special pen drive.

Common Features:

  • Attractive Packaging Provided in form of paper, plastic, or leather to give a premium touch.
  • World wide Shipping Possible.

Develop one for your brand for MOQ as low as 50 pcs. Send us a mail on for enquiries. or chat with us live on our website.

Also check our Custom Shape Pen drives :


I am content Specialist with BrandSTIK and write about new product launches and generally everything around merchandise.

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