Water Powered Desktop Clock

Water Powered Desktop Clock

Well its always so wonderful to see science and engineering play great combination to create something magical. Guys we are talking about a cool innovation, desktop clock that is powered solely on water or soda if you like!  Water Powered Desktop Clock.

Water Powered Desktop Clock Clock

How does it work? Its lot of science and some magic. The internal converter extracts electrons from  the liquid ( water or whatever) molecules and provides steady stream of the  electrical current which act as a fuel cell to generate power.

The water clock displays the time and date in large big LED fonts. You just need to add some water in the back section provided and then  good to go

Solar Clock

Why is this so cool, because it really works. We tested the first set of desktop water clocks and for weeks it worked without any refill

Its available in multiple colours and in stock for most of the time since this is a favorite among customers . Custom Branding is available for clients and MOQ is as low as 200 pcs.

With so much demand for this model, BrandSTIK has introduced a premium version of the Water Clock which has a sleek design, perfect for those who need a high end design version of the same. The concept remains the same fill it with water and see the magic happen.


I am content Specialist with BrandSTIK and write about new product launches and generally everything around merchandise.

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