Top 3 Welcome Kit Case Studies in January: Positive First Impressions

At BrandSTIK, we understand the importance of making a lasting first impression. In January, we had the pleasure of collaborating with renowned companies like Aditya Birla, PDI, and Assurecare to create truly impactful welcome kits. Our mission? To create WOW experiences and leave lasting positive impressions on new employees.

1. Aditya Birla: Sophisticated Elegance

For Aditya Birla, we crafted a welcome kit that exudes sophistication and elegance. Each element of the kit was carefully selected to align with Aditya Birla’s brand ethos. The kit included:

  • Premium Leather Diary: A symbol of professionalism and elegance, encouraging new employees to record their journey.
  • Executive Pen: Adding a touch of luxury and functionality.
  • Personalized Mug: To make the employees feel valued and at home.

This sophisticated kit set the tone for a professional and welcoming start for new team members.

2. PDI: Professional Innovation

PDI’s welcome kit was designed to reflect their commitment to professional innovation. We curated items that were both practical and forward-thinking, including:

  • Smart Notebook: Integrated with digital apps to sync handwritten notes.
  • Tech Gadgets: Essential tools like a portable charger and Bluetooth earphones.
  • Branded Water Bottle: Encouraging a healthy lifestyle and sustainability.

This kit not only equipped new employees with the tools they need but also highlighted PDI’s innovative spirit.

3. Assurecare: Commitment to Excellence

Assurecare’s welcome kit showcased their dedication to excellence and employee well-being. The carefully selected items included:

  • Wellness Journal: To promote mental well-being and mindfulness.
  • Eco-friendly Tote Bag: Reinforcing Assurecare’s commitment to sustainability.
  • Healthy Snack Box: Providing a nutritious start to their journey.

This welcome kit emphasized Assurecare’s focus on excellence and care for their employees.

Creating Lasting Impressions

With over 300 clients delighted by our Welcome Kit Program, BrandSTIK continues to redefine first impressions. Our tailored approach ensures that each welcome kit reflects the unique ethos of the brand, setting the stage for remarkable beginnings.

Explore Our Welcome Kits

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