Make Diwali-Gifts Distribution Hassle Free Using FOXBOX Rewards Online Platform

Are you planning to give Diwali Gifts to your employees but concerned on the how-to distribute them when most employees are working from home. This challenge is not just for Diwali gifts but for any...

Ultimate guide to the Biggest Diwali Gift Catalogue 2021 by BrandSTIK

Diwali is festival of Gifting. While every company culture has its own way of celebrating such important festivals, adding gifts to the tradition, will surely enhance the fun. At BrandSTIK we...

Never Before in India : Contactless Gifting Platform with Address Verification System

Are you planning to send Employees or Customers Gifts this year to show how much they matter to you. Problem: They may be working from home. Are you unsure about the address? Besides hassle of...

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