Work From Home Employee Kits by BrandSTIK

Welcome to the New Normal. Yes a much common phrase used these days. However Work from home would invariably be the new normal in this post pandemic world. And organizations would do well to adapt...

We Have You Covered : COVID19 Safety Products

With the COVID 19 pandemic here to stay for quite some time, it’s essential that certain precautions are taken by all which go a long way in spreading the infection. BrandSTIK offers essential safety...

Foldable Foot Operated Sanitizer Dispenser by BrandSTIK

Foldable Sanitizer Dispenser by BrandSTIK comes with sturdy fully laminated 5 ply Corrugated box. This dispenser has a pedal operation, i.e. you just need to place your foot at the bottom and the...

Category - New Launches


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