Lighting up Diwali and Exciting Gifting Plans Ahead with BrandSTIK

Diwali, the festival of lights, is not only a time for homes to shimmer with candles and diyas but also an opportunity for companies to spread joy among their clients and employees. At BrandSTIK, we take immense pride in being the bridge that connects businesses to this heartfelt sentiment. As we look back on the recent Diwali season, we are delighted to share the success story of our 2 lakh Diwali product shipments that reached more than 200 clients pan India. We’ve truly illuminated the lives of countless employees, making this Diwali exceptional.


Our Diwali hampers, designed with meticulous care, were a resounding hit, receiving more than 250+ orders. The overwhelming response has left us brimming with gratitude for the trust you’ve placed in BrandSTIK. Your unwavering support has played an instrumental role in making this Diwali extraordinary.


As we transition from the warmth of Diwali, we are excited about the gifting prospects that lie ahead. We have some exciting offerings lined up in our upcoming gifting catalogs for the year to come:


1. Christmas Gifts: With the holiday season just around the corner, we are prepared to bring a festive touch to your corporate gifting with a variety of Christmas-themed gifts. From festive decorations to personalized presents, we aim to spread the spirit of joy to your team.

2. Winterwear Collection: As the temperature drops, keep your employees cozy with our winterwear collection. From stylish sweatshirts to warm hoodies and jackets, we have a range of options to ensure your team stays comfortable during the chilly months.

3. Diaries and Planners: The dawn of a new year calls for organized beginnings. Our collection of diaries and planners will provide not only a practical touch but also a stylish one, making them ideal for corporate circles.

4. Sustainable New Year Gifts: Sustainability is an ever-growing concern, and we, at BrandSTIK, believe in promoting eco-friendly options. Our sustainable New Year gifts will not only express your appreciation but also display your commitment to the environment.

sustaiable corporate gifting

5. Welcome Kit 2024 Collection: It’s Time You Need To Upgrade Your Onboarding Kits Program with the upcoming 2024 BrandSTIK Welcome Kits Collection. This exciting launch is all about sustainability, automation, and empowerment, as it allows employees to select their welcome kits. With global fulfillment and an array of new features, this is the onboarding upgrade you’ve been waiting for!

We are eager to be part of your future gifting programs and continue being your trusted partner in expressing gratitude and strengthening relationships. Our commitment to quality, creativity, and attention to detail remains unwavering, and we look forward to enhancing your corporate gifting experience in the days ahead.


Once again, thank you for making this Diwali special with BrandSTIK. As we welcome a new year filled with possibilities, we wish you success, prosperity, and continued joy.


Wishing you a Happy Diwali and a brilliant future!


I am content Specialist with BrandSTIK and write about new product launches and generally everything around merchandise.

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