BrandSTIK’s Custom Phone Stand for Shell Chemicals

We recently collaborated with Shell Chemicals, a leading chemicals supplier, to develop a custom phone stand for their employees. The stand was printed with their company logo and delivered to their office. The product was well received and...

Our Top 5 Corporate Gifts that Say ‘Winner’ Every Time! – BrandSTIK

Corporate gifting is an excellent way to show appreciation to your employees, clients, and business partners. When it comes to recognizing exceptional performance or celebrating a significant achievement, nothing says “winner” like a...

Case Study: Welcome kit for Smiths with unique custom box packaging

BrandSTIK has recently collaborated with Smiths to bring you an incredible new project! We’re proud to introduce our latest custom welcome kit, which has been designed to truly reflect Smiths’ company values. This one-of-a-kind welcome...

Welcome to the Family: BrandSTIK’s Creative Ideas for Making Your Welcome Kit Stand Out

When a new employee joins your organization, the first impression is crucial. A well-designed welcome kit can create a lasting impression and set the tone for the employee’s experience. This is where BrandSTIK, a corporate gifting company...

BrandSTIK’s Top 5 Bags under Rs.1500 for your corporate gifting needs!

At BrandSTIK, we understand the importance of gifting and the value it adds to your relationships with clients, partners, and employees. With a wide range of gifting options available, it’s easy to get confused about what to choose, especially...

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