Gear Up for the Rainy Season with BrandSTIK’s Monsoon Must-Haves!

As the monsoon clouds gather and raindrops start to fall, it’s time to equip your team with the essential gear to navigate through the wet weather. Corporate gifting during the rainy season is not just about showing appreciation but also about ensuring the comfort and convenience of your employees and clients. At BrandSTIK, we understand the importance of thoughtful gifting, which is why we present to you our curated list of top monsoon essentials for corporate gifting.

1. Umbrellas: Shield Against the Rain

a) J Shape Wooden Handle Auto Open Umbrella: Combining style with functionality, these umbrellas are perfect for braving the rain in elegance. From elegant wooden handle umbrellas to innovative reverse designs, we have umbrellas to suit every style and need, crafted for PGIM, a global investment management leader.

b) Introducing the Reverse Umbrella with a C-shaped handle: an innovative design that keeps users dry while closing the umbrella, preventing water from dripping everywhere. This revolutionary product is done for Turium, a forward-thinking company dedicated to enhancing everyday experiences through inventive solutions.

c) 5 Fold Manual Open Umbrella With Capsule Case: Compact and easy to carry, these umbrellas are ideal for on-the-go protection against sudden downpours.

2. Disposable Pocket Credit Card Sized Raincoat: Compact and convenient, these raincoats ensure that your team is always prepared for unexpected showers.

3. Pouch Cover Mobile Water Protector: Keep your gadgets safe from water damage with these handy waterproof pouches, available in assorted colors.

4. Plastic Shoes Cover Reusable Anti-Slip Boots Zippered Overshoes Covers Transparent: Protect shoes from getting soaked and slippery with these reusable covers, ensuring safety and comfort during rainy commutes.

5. Portable Water Bottle: Stay hydrated even on rainy days with these vibrant portable water bottles, perfect for outdoor activities.

6. Bag Cover Waterproof for Backpack: Ensure that important documents and laptops stay dry with these waterproof backpack covers, a must-have for professionals on the move.

7. iPacy Pro Foldable Backpack (Water Resistant): Versatile and durable, these foldable backpacks are designed to withstand rain and keep belongings safe and dry.

8. Jack and Jones Vilmar Windcheater Jacket Unisex: Stylish yet functional, these windcheater jackets provide protection from both wind and rain, making them an essential addition to any wardrobe.


Make a Splash with BrandSTIK

Don’t let the rain dampen your spirits or productivity. Equip your team with these top monsoon essentials from BrandSTIK and show them that you care about their well-being. For personalized gifting solutions, contact us today at +91 9594070940 or email us at Let’s make this monsoon season a memorable and comfortable one for your team!


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