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Did you know that BrandSTIK currently creates more client welcome kits than any other merchandise company in India? We have over 100 different welcome kit solutions for our clients. Today, we give you a sneak peek at a number of our top-selling kits.

This is the correct place and page for you if you’re seeking some of the top welcome kits for your employees. The best thing that can enhance a new hire’s first day on the job is revealed to be welcome kits. Would a new hire prefer to get a welcome kit, an obvious round of applause, or an email?

Welcome Kits play an important role in introducing your company to your employees and clients.

If you are looking for ideas for welcome kits here is our list of 25 welcome kits from popular brands that make great company swag for new employees.

These are some of our Trending Welcome Kits:

Biconomy: A technology company for next-gen multichain relayer protocol, approached BrandSTIK to develop a remarkable welcome kit that is both, stunning and functional. They were aiming to create a strong impression on their new hires about their brand and instill pride and excitement in the day.

BrandSTIK curated a premium Welcome kit consisting of a Laptop bag, a Hoodie, T-shirts, a Cap, a Pillow, Stickers, a Mask, a Ceramic Black mug, Badges, a Pen, a Diary, a Stress Ball, and Bobble Heads. All these products with company branding were packed nicely in a Top Bottom Premium Box and shipped to employees’ Residences.


Webenza: Here is a Case Study of the Welcome SWAG Kit we curated for Webenza, with customized cool & fun quotes printed on the merchandise including Bottle, Diary, Mug, Pen, Coasters, Welcome Card, and Culture Card. The products were nicely packed in a Top-bottom Black Box with Company Branding.

Infobip: The largest network of its kind and the only full-stack cloud communication platform globally, wanted to develop a Welcome kit for its 200 employees in India. BrandSTIK customized and curated a white-themed Welcome kit with their brand logo and message quotes. The kit consisted of desk utility products from Bottle, Suction Mug, a Mouse pad, a desk clock, a sticker, a welcome card a diary, and a pen organized in a top-bottom box.

People Interactive: a world-class consumer internet company in India with a leading platform to find a life partner i.e., with BrandSTIK developed an onboarding kit for its employees. The Kit consists of a Diary, MI Powerbank, Premia Bottle, Wireless Mouse, Pen, and Welcome card in a Custom Box with creative company branding. All the merchandise was branded with the company logo.


These are our Monthly Favorite Onboarding Welcome Kits:

These are our Most Popular Welcome kits:

TATA Metaliks: BrandSTIK developed a Premium Welcome Kit for TATA with custom brand logo printed on each product. The kit includes Premium bottles, Black ceramic mug , pen, white T-shirt.

Aditya Birla: BrandSTIK developed a Classic Welcome Kit for Aditya Birla employees with custom branding. The kit includes Premium bottles, a diary, a White ceramic mug, a pen, and wired earphones.

Coco-Cola: BrandSTIK developed a Premium Welcome Kit for Coco-Cola employees with custom branding on each product. The kit includes bottles, a pen, a white mug, Diary, a Bluetooth speaker, welcome scroll. Here is a quick glimpse of BrandSTIK’s Stunning and Exciting Onboarding Kit created for, which provided new employees with an incredible onboarding experience. This thoughtfully curated kit includes a canvas tote bag, mousepad, Borosil coffee-mate travel mug, spiral notebook, fun stickers, and a welcome card.

Caratlane: BrandSTIK developed a Classic Welcome Kit for Caratlane with custom branding on each product. The kit includes bamboo bottles, an eco-friendly pen, a diary, and a stylish bag.

HeroFinCorp: BrandSTIK developed a Classic Welcome Kit for HeroFinCorp employees with custom branding. The kit includes Premium bottles, a diary, branded pen, and booklets.

Ivy: BrandSTIK developed an Onboarding  Welcome Kit for Ivy employees with custom branding. The kit includes Premium bottles, a travel mug, a key chain, and a laptop bag. welcome card, Tic tac toe wooden game, and mouse pad.

TWITTER: BrandSTIK developed a New joinee Welcome Kit for Twitter employees with custom branding. The kit includes a Tote bag, mouse pad, cookies box, card game, and a welcome card.

UST: BrandSTIK developed a Classic Welcome Kit for UST employees with custom branding. The kit includes Premium bottles, a diary, branded white pen, a Cap and welcome card, and two stickers.

IIHT: BrandSTIK developed a Classic Welcome Kit for IIHT employees with custom branding. The kit includes Premium bottles, diary, branded pen, Card.

Muruguppa: BrandSTIK developed a Classic Welcome Kit for Muruguppa with a custom brand logo printed on each product. The kit includes Premium bottles, a diary, a White ceramic mug, a pen, white pop socket.

Quince: BrandSTIK developed a Stylish Welcome Kit for Quince employees with custom branding on each product. The kit includes Classic bottles, a diary, a Black ceramic mug, a pen, brand stickers, and a T-shirt.

Godi: BrandSTIK developed a Stunning Welcome Kit for Godi employees with custom branding. The kit includes Sippers, diary, a small silver mug, a pen, white T-shirt and bag.

DIGGIBYTE: BrandSTIK developed an Onboarding Welcome Kit for DIGGIBYTE employees with custom branding on each product. The kit includes bottles, a diary, a White ceramic mug, a pen, a speaker, and Jacket.

Blue Copper: BrandSTIK developed a New joiners Welcome Kit for Blue Copper employees with custom branding on each product. The kit includes  Premium bottles, a Wireless power bank, pen.

Assurecare : BrandSTIK developed a New joined Welcome Kit for Assurecare employees with custom branding. The kit includes Premium bottles, a diary, a White ceramic mug, a pen, a keychain, and boat headphones.

Human: BrandSTIK developed a classic Welcome Kit for Humanx employees with custom branding. The kit includes diary, ceramic mug, and two T-shirts.

6 sense: The 6 sense Account Engagement Platform helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

The Welcome Kit consists of a customized Sipper, Magnetic Diary, 2 Pens, a Jacket, a Welcome card, stickers, and a black box.

Aurum Ventures:

BrandSTIK developed a Personalized Premium Welcome Kit for Aurum Employees with custom name imprints. The employees name is printed in gold on each Swag element.

Schlesinger: Schlesinger Premium Welcome kit consists of customized products: Borosil Stainless Steel Hydra Trek Bottle, Infiniti Clubs Mini Bluetooth Speaker, MI 10000 MAH Power Bank, Custom Pen, and Personalized Welcome Card. Packaging: White Box with Company Branding.



Kit Consists of a Bag, Magnetic Diary, Spill Proof Mug, Pen, Magnetic Diary, and Welcome Card.


The CemtrexLabs merchandise includes Duro Steel Mug, Ottaline Premia Bottle, Diary, Pen, and Packaging: Black Custom Box.





The kit consists of Doctor Spill Proof Mug, Round neck T-shirt, Tea Culture, Pen with holder, Diary, Welcome Card

Welcome kit for SRF employees consists of White Sipper Bottle, Reusable Mask, Diary, Pen, Scroll, Packaging: Black box with custom branding


The kit including a journal and pen because employees do need it to note down points and tasks and to keep their employees hydrated and caffeinated also incorporates a water bottle and tumbler, nicely arranged in an Awesome Black box with Company Branding.


This kit consisted of diary, pen and a sipper Bottle packed in a nice premium black box customized with their brand logo.


For UBER, BrandSTIK developed a Welcome Kit Consisting of: A Puma Jersey, No Spill Mug, A Custom White Notebook, a Sleek Pen and a premium box

Toyota: The Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer headquartered in Toyota, Aichi, Japan. Toyota is the global market leader in sales of hybrid electric vehicles, and one of the largest companies to encourage the mass-market adoption of hybrid vehicles across the globe.


For CRED, BrandSTIK developed a Welcome Kit Consisting of: T-shirt, Diary,Bottle, Zero Risk Mask, Stickers, M&M’S Milk Chocolate Candy, Premium Tea-Pack of 10, TBH Golden Sweet Potato with Peri-Peri, Nutty Gritties-Mom’s Superfood Trail Mix, Lavender Soul Flower Bath Soap & Scroll

Mahindra Logistics: 

For Mahindra Logistics, BrandSTIK developed a Welcome Kit Consisting of: A Eco-friendly Diary, Magnetic Pen & Sipper and 2 mask.


The Hexaware Merchandise consists of Bamboo Cup, Smiley Ball, Custom Badge, Canvas Bag. Packaging: Custom Box


UviQo Employee Onboarding Kit consists of Degree Flask, No spill mug, Laptop Bag, Welcome card. packed and shipped to all employees.


New Joinee Kit for Weave includes Ottaline Premia Bottle, Round Neck Bio wash T-shirt, Reusable Mask, Pen, Id card holder. Packaging: Brown carton box


This Welcome kit was created to appreciate their employees which includes an Ocean Bottle, Reusable Bags, a Mouse Pad with wireless charging, Stickers, and Welcome Card.

Microsoft Teams: 

Microsoft teams approached BrandSTIK and developed this awesome swag kit for its employees with cool merchandise including Borosil trans bottle, Zipper with the hoodie, round neck t-shirt, canvas tote bag, towel, stickers, and welcome card.


Kit consists of Premium Products with company logo printed on it and packed in a customized orange box. The products included in the kit are Collar t-shirt, Ceramic mug, Ottaline Premia Bottle, Reusable mask, Diary, Pen and Welcome card.

Talent 500:

The kit was developed with a custom box designed to reflect their brand message be limitless. The kit merchandise includes Ottaline Premia Bottle, Collar T-shirt for Men/women, a Diary and a Pen.


The Kit consists of a premia bottle, diary, pen, gourmet goodies, and a welcome card.

MyGlamm Babychakra: 

The Kit in a black theme consists of a Laptop Bag, a round neck t-shirt, a premia bottle, a ceramic mug, a coaster, and a pen.

NTT Data: 

The Kit consists of a Tote Bag, Collar T-shirt, Degree Flask, and Wireless Charger Pad.


The Kit consists of Laptop backpack, a portable Bluetooth Speaker, a Zipper Jacket, a Sipper Bottle, Diary, Pen and Smoor almond chocolates.


The Sustainable Kit consists of a Desk Organiser, Bamboo Flask, Diary, Rice husk coffee mug, keychain, pen, and a welcome card.


The Kit consists of T-shirt , Premia Bottle, Hand Sanitiser, Smiley stress ball, Earphones, coaster, stickers, and a welcome card.

DoubleYolk: The Kit consists of White Collar T-shirt, Tote Bag, Premia Bottle, Diary, and Pen packed in a carton box with Logo printing.

Kit Doubleyolk BrandSTIK

NIUM: The Kit Consists of a No-spill mug, round neck t-shirt, Reusable Mask, Diary, and Pen in a custom Black Box with Company Branding.


Kit was packed inside a black box with the Brand logo were Customized Sipper Bottle, two reusable masks, a coffee mug, a collar t-shirt, and a pen.


BrandSTIK Developed a Awesome Kit for Twimbit packed inside a black box with the Brand logo with Customized Folding Bag, Diary & pen.


We developed Super Welcome Kit consisting of Collar T-shirt, Diary, Bottle, Mask, Stickers and Welcome Note.


We developed an Onboarding kit consisting of a Diary, a Sipper Bottle Pen, and a Tote Bag.


BrandSTIK developed a cool kit for Critix including a Metal Sipper Bottle, Wireless Charging Pad, and Diary.

Inside View:

Inside view Welcome kit includes a Degree Flask, Mask, Round neck T-shirt, Power bank and a welcome card.

Cloud Control:

Cloud Control Onboarding Employee kit includes a Laptop Backpack, Metal Sipper, Collar T-shirt, Coffee Mug, Diary and Pen.

Danalitics:- BrandSTIK created a New Joinee Kit to welcome aboard Danalitics an crafting intelligent AI platform companies excellent new interns to their team. The Kit in Black and white theme consists of Collar T-shirt, Bottle, White Ceramic Mug, Reusable Face Mask, Sanitizer, Diary, Pen and Welcome Card. The products were nicely packed in a box with brand name and brand logo on each products.

DemandBase: Employee Welcome Kit for Demandbase consists of Custom Tote Bag, Amazon Fire Stick, Custom Collar T-shirt Men/Women, Sipper, Diary, Pen and Welcome Card


Welcome kit for New Employees FourQ : Custom Tshirt, Reusable Mask, Hand Sanitizer, Flask, Diary and Welcome Card. Packaging : White Magnet Top Open Box

Masai: The Black Premium Onboarding Kit for Masai includes a custom Ottaline Premia Bottle, Diary, Pen, Collar T-shirt, Book. Packaging: Black Premium box with sections for each product.

Quantaco: New Employee Welcome Kits Quantaco includes Ottaline Premia Bottle, Steel Mug, Dairy,Pen. Packaging: Black Box with partition and section for each product.

Sirionlabs: BrandSTIK developed a employee welcome kit which had a doctor suction mug, custom made diary, pen and a collar t-shirt. All this was packaged in a carton and shipped to all employees.

Instarem: Insarem Onboarding kit includes Umbrella, Tote Bag, Round neck t-shirt, Ceramic mug, pen, mask, diary and stickers

Crochet: Crochet Welcome kit for Employees consists of Diary, Ottaline Premia Bottle, Reusable mask, Ceramic Mug and Pen


Sugarbox: The Kit Consists of a collar tshirt, a power bank, a no spill cup, a reusable mask and a diary.

MoEngage:-  MoEngage is a customer engagement platform, headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States.  The company offers a marketing automation platform that helps businesses improve customer engagement.

For MoEngage, BrandSTIK developed a Welcome Kit Consisting of:- A Diary, Pen, T-Shirt, and Sipper bottle, all neatly packaged in a custom blue box with two sections.

ONTIC: Ontic is an industry leader in providing Extended Life Solutions for legacy and maturing aircraft headquarter in the UK

The Welcome kit consists of:- A Premium Diary, a Bio-wash T-Shirt, a high-quality Tote bag, and a Sipper bottle uniformly arranged in a custom black box.

Hanover International: Hanover International Support Services Private Limited is a Private incorporated on 26 May 2020. It is classified as a Non-govt company and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Ahmedabad.

The Kit consists of:- a Bottle, a mug, a diary, a Pen, customized box.


For HERE, BrandSTIK developed a Welcome Kit Consisting of Tote Bag, Pen, Diary, and Mug.

Zensar Technologies: Zensar is a leading digital solutions and technology services company that specializes in partnering with global organizations across industries

The Welcome Kit consists of:- Dairy, pen, coffee mug, 2 highlighters, box

 Canon: For more than 75 years, Canon has been known for pioneering innovative imaging products. One of the world’s largest manufacturers of cameras, copiers, and printers, the company maintains its leadership position by continuously innovating new features and technologies.

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