Covid Care Kits- Immunity Boosting and Covid Protection Products

We have received few requests from our clients for COVID Care kits to be sent out to employees / clients as a goodwill gesture. In case you would like to explore options of sending some covid care kits, BrandSTIK has curated a list of essentials products including oximeters, thermometers, sanitizer spray, and immunity boosting food products packaged in a box or kit with custom branding. Do explore the options below.


1) ChoiceMmed Pulse Oximeter: Choicemmed MD300C29, Dual Color, OLED Finger Pulse Oximeter – Blood Oxygen Saturation, Monitor with Color OLED Screen Display and Included Batteries – O2 Saturation Monitor, 1 year warranty.

2) Vandelay Pulse Oximeter: Accurate And Reliable, Lightweight & Portable, Infra-red Absorbance, Led Display, 3 Years Warranty.

3) EVM Pulse Oximeter: Evm Enoxy + oximeter, 2 years warranty, Make in india.


1) Accusure Digital Thermometer: Fast results, Fever alarm, Mercury Free, Auto switch off, Both F and C measurement available, Low battery indication.

2) Aero Digital Thermometer: It helps to measure temperature by putting it in your mouth for a few seconds. The thermometer has been designed for easy and comfortable use. Temperature is measured in Fahrenheit or Celsius mode. It is a one-button operation – auto on/off.

3) Vandelay Infrared Thermometer: 3 years Sensor Warranty, MADE in INDIA, Non Contact IR Thermometer, Forehead Temperature Gun.


1) Reusable Outdoor Protection Mask LN95: 3 Layer mask i.e. Anti pollution, Anti dust, Anti bacterial. The Top layer – Polyester fabric, Middle layer – German filter paper, Bottom layer – cotton fabric, Filter paper will last up to 20-25 wash.

2) Linen Reusable Outdoor Protection Mask: Composition of the masks : 3 layers. First layer- Pure cotton linen fabric, Second layer- Infused canvas fabric (PPE material), Third layer- Pure cotton linen fabric, Soft adjustable ear loops.

3) 6 Layers Wildcraft Hypa Shield W95: Bfe > 95% for 3 microns size,pfe > 95% for 0.3 microns size,tested for breathability and user comfort while offering full protection. use(upto 30 washes). Innovative 2-panel design for universal fit,adjustable nose clip for enhanced protection,soft, elastic ear loops for extra comfort,minimal eyewear fogging. Low heat build-up,convenient flat-fold design for easy storage,washable and reusable accommodates all facial movement.

4) 4 Layers Mask – Zero risque: Heiq Viroblock treated Antimicrobial mask carrier pouch–  Allows to carry the mask safely. It ensures that the mask is protected inside. the pouch and is not directly exposed. Water repellent & splash resistant-  The mask construction & treatment makes it water repellent & splash resistant. Hence ensures that it does not get dirty & soiled even after wearing for long period. Dermatologically tested chemical treatment- Heiq Viroblock NPJ03 is US EPA registered, EU BPR & EU REACH compliant. This ensures that it is safe and harmless to skin & body Unique Design that is proprietary property of Kamadgiri Fashion Limited- The mask provides utmost comfort to the wearer even after wearing for long duration. Its unique ergonomics allows
increased comfort & protection. The combination of mask & headband ensures that there is no discomfort behind ears even after wearing for long duration.


1) Vandelay Nano Steamer: HEALTH BENEFITS: This Medical Facial Steamer for Cold and Cough alleviates symptoms of congestion and can alleviate headaches, throat irritation and breathing problems. It also lubricates dry or irritated nasal passages. BEAUTY USE : Steaming opens the pores and releases acne causing bacteria. It also hydrates & moisturizes the skin by helping stimulating natural oil production in the skin. NANO ATOMIZATION: New technology allows the particle size to be nanometer sized which allows for better absorption by the body. Our steamer machine is also equipped with cotton pads to apply fragrances & medication CHILD SAFE : This Steamer Vaporizer can be used by all ages effectively to provide relief against allergies, cough, cold and flu. 1 Year Warranty Included.

2) Care4life Steamer:


Santizer Sprays

1) Savlon Spray Sanitizer:

2) Iris Healing Touch Spray Sanitizer:

3) Sanitizer Spray without Liquid:


1) Hand Sanitizer Pouch:

2) Ayush/Similar Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer- 100 ml: 

Immunity Booster

1) Organic India Ayush Kadha: 

2) Vahdam Tea:

3) Immunity Tea:

4) True Elements: 


5) Nutty Gritties Sport Mix:

6) Honey Twigs:

7) Smoor Giloy Chocolate Bank: 

8) Smoor Chip Cookies:

We can even pack this in a nice box for giveaway. For more such ideas so connect with her on + 91 9769389966 or


I am content Specialist with BrandSTIK and write about new product launches and generally everything around merchandise.

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