FDA Approved Hand Sanitizer by BrandSTIK

Hand Sanitizers are soon to become an essential hygiene product for all. Hand Sanitizers provides protection against viruses especially when we are on the move and hand washing is difficult.

BrandSTIK offers a range of Hand Sanitizers for individual and corporate requirements. All our products come with 67% Alcohol and are FDA approved. It takes less time than traditional hand washing with soap and water. Acts fast to kill microorganisms. Easy and quick to use. Reduces the risk of spreading illness and bacteria. Portable and convenient


  • Packaging type: Bottle
  • Quantity: 100ml, 200ml, 500ml, 1ltr
  • Fragrance: Rose, Lavender, Ocean
  • Type: Gel



Above all products are FDA approved. For more information or to see samples send us a mail or chat with us on +91 9594070940 or live on our website.

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