Work From Home Employee Kits by BrandSTIK

Welcome to the New Normal.

Yes a much common phrase used these days.

However Work from home would invariably be the new normal in this post pandemic world. And organizations would do well to adapt themselves to this scenario. in such a scenario of Work from home Kit serves a genuine purpose.

BrandSTIK has introduced ‘Work from Home’ OnBoarding Kits which companies can give their employees as to make them feel comfortable and be productive

Our kits are customized, and can be designed for any budgets. We provide logistics support across India including door to door deliveries.

Below are the options you can combine in your kit

COVID19 Safety Essentials

BrandSTIK offers essential safety hygiene product like hand sanitizer and reusable mask. As its super essential to sanitize you hands and wear a mask whether you are in public place or at home, BrandSTIK offers essential safety hygiene product like hand sanitizer and reusable mask. This can be customised with company logo.

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Eco Friendly pen and pencils

Eco – Friendly plantable Pens and pencils are made from 100% eco-friendly material. Seeds are plugged to the end of the pens and pencils.

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Desk Plants

Gifting a plant is like gifting a life. It is a gift that builds memories and brings an organization closer to its employees. BrandSTIK offers an extensive variety of exotic plants in our exclusive pots and planters making every plant look unique and something everyone would love to keep on their desks and favorite corners. Branding and pot designs  can be done.

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Sustainability is must. So why not gift a Eco-friendly sticky notes or a stationery cube which holds pens, markers and also have sticky notes available all at one place. These looks great on your desk and also helps you to note down all the points you will be working on at the same time. All these come with custom branding.

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Drinkwares are the most popular gifting category for employees and customers because of its high utility. Working from home or from office drinkwares are must on the desks. BrandSTIK offer over 100 designs of mugs, sippers, to suit various budgets and tastes. We have eco-friendly options too which are trending. We have some exclusive collection such as suction mug series, Sippers, Coasters, Glassware, Flask, Drinkware Sets, Copperware. All these come with custom branding.


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Mobile Accessories

With mobile being an integral part of our lives, mobile accessories become a great product to add in the kit. It helps you to put your phone on desk with a stand holding the phone, while you are on a video call with your coworkers. Charging cables, USB, etc. helps you to have a quick access while you are working. Mobile accessories will lead to higher usage and thus provide greater visibility to your brand.

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Power Bank

Power Banks are the most essential part in almost every employee’s life. Working from home might be tough if you don’t have an extra charging point near you desk. Power banks will help you to charge the phone while you are working and keep continue your work. BrandSTIK offers wide range of power banks from wireless power banks to slim and easy to carry. Few options are listed below

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Combine your Diary or note pad option with these stylish and unique pens with your logo branding on it.

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Diaries are must as the employees have to note everything down which was explained on call by there seniors. BrandSTIK offers various range of diaries from Rs 100 – Rs 1500 , We even have some nice Eco friendly, multi functional diaries which have built in pen drives, power banks, pens etc. These diaries can be added in kit with your company branding on it which can provide year long visibility for your brand.

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Dektop Options

Work from home environment can be created at every employees place with all the necessary desktop products like Pen stand, mobile hub, etc. BrandSTIK offers few unique options in desktop accessories for the employees to work on a smooth note.

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BrandSTIK offers gadgets like bluetooth speakers, pen stand with speaker, Pendrives, Laptopn cooling fan, etc.

Below are options listed please have alook.



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Packaging can be done with your brand logo printed on it. Below are options

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Call us for more information on +91 9594070940 /

Develop one for your brand for MOQ as low as 100 pcs. Enhance your brand image, Excellent quality corporate premium. All our Products comes with warranty. For more information or to see samples send us a mail on or chat with us live on our website


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