3 in 1 Dual USB Universal Socket

3 in 1 Dual USB Universal Socket

The Perfect Traveller’s Companion A must-have for every traveller today, the universal travel multi plug is an essential and handy item. Given the different kinds of electronics and switches available in hotel rooms, this 3 pin travel plug allows you to use your devices and appliances with any kind of plug boards. It has been designed with a grounding functionality, suitable for use in over 100 countries. Besides being aesthetically designed, the universal travel multi plug weighs less than 70g, making it convenient to drop into your handbag. The Modular’s universal travel plug also features an indicator that lights up when in use. This travel plug comes with a built-in spike protection safety shutter ensures that you can simultaneously use your laptop and charge your mobile phone safely. High efficiency and low energy consumption. Winding Cable Length 1.5M. Ideal for home, office, travel and other indoor using.


BrandSTIK range of 3 in 1 Dual USB Universal Socket comes with various features,

  • Compatible With Most Devices : Able to meet the needs of most equipped rechargeable gadgets like your smart phone, tablet, digital camera, MP3, MP4, MP5, PSP and other mobile power products. Features 5V1A USB output ports, 2100mA current output, with 100-240V supply voltage for fast charging experience every time.
  • Portable Design For Maximum Convenience : Lightweight, wrap-up cable design and compact structure making it your best choice for travelling. This mini sized extended plug can be stored in your bag’s pockets, or luggage small compartments without the heft and bulk. Extension lead neatly tucks away discreetly unnoticeable.

3 in 1 Dual USB Universal Socket1

  • Worldwide Socket Plugs And Ports : Boasting a 2-port USB charger for replenishing the power of your devices’ batteries simultaneously. With a 3 pin universal socket for you to charge your laptops, netbooks, tablets and the like. It provides a 1.5m extension cable giving you ample of length and leverage. Measurements: 4.5″ x 1.8″ x 1.1″
  • A Perfect Travel Companion : This lead cable charger is your ultimate best friend when you are always on the move. You can have it inside your purse in case one of your gadgets run out of battery. No need to bring an extra wall adapter as this cable lead can efficiently charge your device only with your phones specific charging cable. Get yours today!

3 in 1 Dual USB Universal Socket2

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