Betty the Smart Plug

Betty the Smart Plug

Remotely monitor & control home appliances (AC, Geyser, Water Motor Pump, Heater etc.) from your smartphone from anywhere.

Betty the Smart PlugBetty- is a smart plug plus mobile app solution that helps you remotely monitor & control your home appliances(viz., Geyser, water pump motor, Heater, AC, TV etc.) with your smartphone from anywhere. Betty is a plug and play device that requires no special installation or altering of any wiring in your home. It not only provides the tremendous convenience of turning your appliance ON-OFF from anywhere and setting auto ON/OFF schedulers, but also lets you monitor their Energy Consumption. It also has a unique Security feature- Motion Sensor, which when enabled sends intruder detection SMS alerts on a user’s Mobile & their emergency contact numbers incase of any potential theft.

1) Make life easier with Betty : With today’s hectic lifestyle, where Convenience, Security and Energy Savings are of paramount importance, Betty helps you manage your home appliances (both 16Amp & 6Amp) from anywhere.

2) Protect your Home -Receive Intruder Alerts : Now secure your home while you are away. With Betty’s motion sensor activated you & your emergency contact numbers would receive intruder alerts & SMS incase it detects any motion around it

3) Plug & Play : With no dependence on Internet connectivity or Wifi, or altering of any wiring in your home, Betty is super easy to set up.

4) Set Auto Scheduler : Betty lets you set schedulers so that your appliance turns ON/OFF automatically at a set time without you having to remember.

5) Monitor Energy Consumption & Savings : Betty helps you monitor power consumed by your appliance & enables you to track savings through reduction of wasteful usage.

Smarten your home appliances with Betty

BrandSTIK range of Betty the Smart Plug comes with various features,

  • Turn appliance ON/OFF from anywhere : Using Betty you can remotely Switch on/off your home appliance from your Smartphone & receive acknowledgement notifications. Simply download be-connected mobile app from android or iOS store & get started.
  • Monitor electricity consumption of an appliance : Say goodbye to bill shocks at the end of the month. Betty helps you monitor the Energy consumed by the appliance and also provides information on cost savings as you reduce wasteful consumption
  • Set Auto Scheduler : You can also set schedulers for your appliance through the Mobile App providing you convenience of not having to remember when to switch on & off. Now no need remember when to turn ON or Off that Geyser, AC, Water Pump Motor etc
  • Home Security – Get Theft/Intruder Alerts : Betty has a motion sensor that can be activated from the Mobile App. So in case you are not at home, simply turn ON this feature & relax as Betty will send an alarm on your phone as well as send SMS alerts to you & your emergency contact numbers in case it detects any movement/motion around it. Secure your home while you are away
  • Betty works on GSM & does not require wifi or external internet connection. Enjoy free connectivity for first (01) year. Post free usage, nominal subscription charges of Rs 83/- per month (payable at 6 monthly basis) for connectivity will be applicable (reduced charges for multiple connections). Connectivity to the Smartplug is subject to Airtel network availability.

All our Products comes with warranty. Minimum order quantity as low as 100 pcs. For more information or to see samples send us a mail on or chat with us live on our website.

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