BrandSTIK Exclusive : Rabit Share Series V5.0

BrandSTIK Exclusive : Rabit Share Series V5.0

Rabit helps solve day to day technological challenges faced by users : Charge, Data Storage, Sync, Connect, Media, Entertainment with simple intelligent products and devices.

Rabit Share Series

1) Power Share :

Step 1 : Open 2 in 1 USB and use the Micro USB connect to Android mobiles (should support OTG) or smart devices.

Step 2 : Use Lighting or Micro USB interface in another side of the cable. Then connect mobiles which need to be charged that can realize power share.

For power share, the mobiles or smart devices should support OTG function.

Because the current of smart devices is limited, please do not connect two devices to be charged at the same time, when the output devices in low power, maybe it can not share power.

Power Share

2) Charge and 3) Sync Simultaneously :

Step 1 : Connect 2 in 1 USB to computer
Step 2 : Lighting & Micro USB interface can be
connected to iPhone and Android mobiles at the same time,

Double Data cable function can provide two sets of data transmission at the same time,that is can connect two smart devices(Android&iPhone devices) with computers for data transmission at the same time,the data transmission function and use method are the same as your original cable.

This cable can be charged by two smart devices when in data transmission at the same time, but the charging speed is related to the current of computer. The max charging current of this cable is 2.4A , if you want quick charging,please use other charger which can support more larger charging

Some mobile phones or smart devices can not use data transmission function,please setting on your devices by “USB debugging”or install driver tool
from your device manufacturer, please refer to your using device’s operation manual,or calling your device manufacturer for help.

Some mobile phones or smart devices would default USB to “Charge only”,in this mode can not for data transmission, please change your devices USB
mode to”MTP” or “PTP”.

Charge and Sync Simultaneously

4) Expand Storage

Expand Storage5) OTG functionPLEASE NOTE : The smart device which support OTG function can use

Please format the TF Card as “FAT32” before you use it (Beacuse some mobile phone only support format “FAT32”)

Some mobile phones or smart devices can not use the OTG function, please settings on your device by “USB debugging”, Specific operation, please refer to your user manual

Step 1 : Before inserting the TF Card in the cable card reader backup the data on computer.

Step 2 : Ensure the TF Card is formatted or selected as Portable storage and not internal storage device.

Always format or select as Portable Storage / Memory. Never format or select as Internal Storage

Caution : if TF Card set as internal storage device, it will ask to format upon reinsertion in phone or laptop, you may lose data in such a case.

Currently Apple devices do not support TF Card or OTG function.

OTG function

Mobile Phones charge & Power Share
Supports two mobile phones to share power.
The mobile phone should have OTG function.
Power Share way : Android to Android. Android to iPhone.
Charge & Data : Charge and Data Access iPhone, Android (Micro and Type C) and SD Card simultaneous.

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