Candies for Custom Corporate Orders

BrandSTIK offers the best candies in the country for corporate orders.  We have flavors of all kinds with custom packaging ready to be shipped to individual employees/ customers. Here are some of our most popular offerings.
1) Thematic Candy : The perfect candy for every occasion including parties, baptisms, and weddings! Our varieties also help express love and best wishes! Looking for candies for a party, birthday, or wedding? How about a candy that says, “I Love You,” or candy to take along a memorable trip? Don’t forget about Easter, Halloween, Christmas and o ther festive holidays! Whatever the occasion, we have a candy for it at papabubble.
2) Fruity Strawberry Explosion: House of Candy has a mix of sweet and sour candies that come with extra coating of sugar. The Fruity Strawberry Explosion will satisfy your sweet tooth and make your dessert time fun. You’ll find some yummy strawberry belts and fruit jellies in the gift box.
3) Handcrafted Logo Candy: Customised Handcrafted logo candy.

4) A) Lollipops : Multicolor, multi flavored, round, heart shaped or wherever your creativity drives you.

Our lollipops come in a variety of flavors, colors, shapes and sizes; wherever your imagination takes you, we can make into a beautiful lollipop!

B) Personalized Lollipops : Weddings, birthdays, baptism, or any occasion you would have we are able to write names, letters, numbers as well as simple brands and simple logos on each lollipop.

If you want to surprise someone, a personalized lolly is an original gift for all ages.


Sizes : We produce 4 basic sizes, however for special orders we can make any other size you wish.

  • Small, Medium, Large, XLarge.

5) Bubblets : The highest quality gummy candies around! 100% natural. Exquisite, with different shapes and flavors, including chocolate.

Our aim was to develop a delicious, high quality soft candy and our Bubblets are just that! Our Bubblets come in both fruit flavors and chocolate!

Packaging : Boxes : We have developed a 150g original box, and we have also different box sizes.

6) Monos : Real mini papabubble pieces of candy packed within a real laboratory test tube.

Would it be possible to produce so small and colorful candies which keep all the quality of the bigger bros? We did it in Papabubble, and that’s why we dare to pack these small treasures within a real chemical laboratory test tube.

Packaging : Papabubble Mini candy packed in a real test tube.

Tubes : Test tubes 20cm x 2.5cm.

Customized Candies : 

Customized Candies :

7) India Box – Candy: Bursting not just with colour, but also with mind-boggling flavours like Nimbu Paani, Paan, Kala Khatta. The perfect gift from India, as a souvenir, or as a gift for a loved one back home.
8) Dark Chocolate Almonds: It is time to let your kids know that healthy snacks can be tasty as well. The dark chocolate almonds are definitely mouth-watering and will leave you asking for more.
9) Bubblegum Ball: Classic bubblegum now in the shape of a ball. They will remind you of the simpler times in the arcades where you could dispense them from a machine.
10) Rainbow Bites: Colourful, tasty, coated in sugar, these candies are yummy and tasty.
11) Mini Multi-Colour Pencil: Writing can be fun but pencils can be even more fun. These multi-coloured pencils are a fun and exciting in addition to your candy bag!
12) Cola Bottles 150g: Cola has never been better than these Cola Bottle Candies from House of Candy. The gummy candies flaunt the cola bottle shape and taste just as fizzy as a cola. The sweet and sour after-taste ensures a delicious taste. The pack is made from dairy and gluten-free ingredients.
12) Fizzy Peaches-150g: Fizzy Peach Candies will become your child’s favourite in no time. The delicious flavour of peach and fizziness of soda lends a delectable after-taste. The pack is made from dairy and gluten-free ingredients. This consumer pack is suitable for birthday menu.
13) Fruit Jellies -150g: Enjoy some delicious fruit flavoured jellies that will keep you full at odd hour hunger pangs. This consumer pack is suitable for all you vegetarians. The sugar coating on the candies adds some sweetness to it. The candies are made from natural colours and flavours from the fruits used to make it.
For More information contact our central sales team at 9594070940 /


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