Premium Chocolates from Taj, ITC and JWT

Premium Chocolates from Taj, ITC and JWT

The ultimate luxury experience of handcrafted chocolate creations that activates your senses like never before.

Gift your loved ones exquisite handcrafted chocolates that are made from rich cocoa and exotic ingredients from around the world. What’s more, you can create your own hamper by hand-picking from our range of chocolate creations.

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Diwali Wishes For The Heart.

Exquisite Gifts For The Senses.
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1) Gift CollectionsOur specially packaged hampers contain exquisite chocolate boxes filled with a special selections comprising handcrafted pralines, Single Origin chocolates, hazelnut Giandujas as well as fondue sets in beautiful baskets, perfect for special occasions and festivals.

 What’s more, you can create your own hamper by hand-picking from our range of chocolate creations.


2) Single Origin Cacaos (Rich Dark Chocolates)Experience the unique sensations of Single Origin Cacaos, dark chocolate bars made from cocoa sourced from six exotic cocoa growing countries. Each bar has a distinct flavour derived from the terrain in which the cocoa grows.


3) Gianduja (Italian Delicacy)Fabelle recreates the magical sensations of an Italian delicacy from the Napoleon era called Gianduja. Made from creamy Ghana milk chocolate and infused with rich roasted Turkish hazelnuts, it gives you a nutty melt-in-mouth chocolate experience that’s truly incomparable.


4) Elements (Handcrafted Pralines) : Experience exquisite sensations with Elements – handcrafted chocolates inspired by the mystical elements of nature.

Fire : Dark chocolate shell filled with white mousse infused with fiery Ancho chilli and tangy candied mango to set your senses on fire.

Water : Dark choco mousse dripping with acacia nectar, laced with French sea salt and enveloped in a rich-dark chocolate shell.

Wood : Chocolate, cinnamon, coffee and mousse come together for a symphony of the senses.

Air : Light, aerated mousse embraced by delectable dark chocolate.

Earth : Dark chocolate pod filled with a dark mousse, encrusted with chocolate from the dark side.


5) As You like It (Personalised Cup Creations)Set your imagination free and explore the myriad possibilities of personalised combinations with ‘As You Like It’ from Fabelle.


6) Ganache (Authentic Creations) : Lose yourself in the exquisitely smooth and silken experience of Ganache. Fine Ghana and Ivory Coast chocolate, fresh cream and butter are matured to perfection to create a velvety soft blend.


7) Your Brand And UsIt is our endeavour to offer you specialized consultations to guide you in your selections. We would be glad to help you choose the most suitable festival, welcoming, parting, thank you, meeting or VIP gift among a wide array of chocolate creations.


8) Center Filled Chocolate Bars (Dessert Inspired Chocolate Bars)Every Fabelle luxury bar is a revelation to the senses. Indulge in centre-filled luxury bars – Hazelnut and Dark choco mousse with fillings inspired by rich dessert collection.


9) Fondue Pot (Make your own) : Experience the delectable taste of made-at-home exquisite chocolate creations with the Chocolate fondue pot set. Be the perfect host to your friends and family or just indulge yourself. Put on the chef ’s hat, add in some seasonal fruits, nuts or anything else you fancy and become a home chocolatier.All our Products comes with warranty. Minimum order quantity as low as 100 pcs. For more information or to see samples send us a mail on or chat with us live on our website.

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