Get Organized with the Clever Organizer

Get Organized with the Clever Organizer

We all wish to have an organized workspace. However the reality is far from that. Most of us struggle to keep our documents organized and when we need them the most, we always end up struggling to locate them.

Losing time and energy in the process. Don’t we all agree that arranging documents in a systematic manner helps us keep them not only safe but also easy to retrieve but the question is how?

Now we have a wonderful product to ensure your documents are well organized so you don’t have to search for them. Introducing the Clever Organizer which turns any cluttered space into a neatly organized workplace.

Clever Organizer is a portable organizer that folds into a drawer. It contains 7 oversized pockets including a centre and corner pocket which makes it easier for one to see the files and documents when one has to find them. The zipper pockets on the other hand make sure your precious documents are stored securely. Has a smooth writing surface, to sort out your paperwork conveniently.

This product ensures that important documents, receipts, bills-even calculator and laptop can be organized in this portable 34 x 28″ workspace. It’s the must have merchandise for executives who take their work home. A convenient organizer for all teachers. A must-have for moms-on-the-go. And also keeps your students documents neat & organized.

The Clever organizer is currently available in Black Colour and it comes in Gift Box Packing. As a special introductory offer, the first few Clever Organizers comes with a bonus calculator and pen free.

This product is made available in India through BrandSTIK Solutions Pvt Ltd. Custom logo can be printed on request for bulk orders


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