Hi Life New Portable Ice Crusher

Hi Life New Portable Ice Crusher

BrandSTIK Presents  this wonder gadget –  Hi Life New Portable Promotional Ice Crusher.

Pink New portable ice crusher BrandSTIK

Manual ice crusher, no power consumption, simple operation, and onto the ice within the body, covered with ice cover, turn the handle you can immediately dig flakes  can be used to make iced tea,  soft drinks, fruit juice. A handy, Non Electric Appliance for making dessert as well as slicing frozen vegetable,ideal for preparing refreshing cocktails. Now you can make Ice gola right in your home with hygienic ice made of Filtered water or RO water in your home.Very Easy use, Shaves  ice ready in no time

RED and White Ice Crusher 2 BrandSTIK

Key Features

  • Comes with 3 Ice Bowl,
  •  1 Glass,
  •  6 Sticks
  •  & 1 Ice Snow Dish
  • Built-in, rust proof, hardened stainless steel blade

Great for family Picnics It Can Be Used Indoor as Well As Out door. It is an excellent option for Kitchen Tools..


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