Jute Bags

Jute Bags

Make a great eco friendly statement with Jute Bags designed exclusively by BrandSTIK

Jute is 100% natural fiber and is sustainable, 100% biodegradable and recyclable. What’s more jute grows easily, needing little water or fertilizer. Jute Bags are an excellent on-foot promotional tool  which companies can adapt. Not only it provides great visibility for the brand but also communicates the brands concern towards the environment. Most customers would associate the brand with being sensitive to nature.

Jute bags have great utility value for the customers and especially after the ban on plastic products their demand has skyrocketed. Promotional Jute bags with custom logo of companies is there a great tool to enhance visibility

Instead of using paper bags a company can greatly enhance its image by provide Jute bags which contains all the marketing materials or press kit which enhances the probability of the user continuing to use the bag.  It’s perfect for exhibitions, conferences, as press kits or general giveaway

Jute bags can be made in any size, design and can be printed with company logo.

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