Lenticular Book Marks

Lenticular Book Marks

Promotional Bookmarks with interesting brand content have always been popular merchandise. BrandSTIK now introduces Lenticular  bookmarks which are innovative and a great low cost way to gift something useful to your customers who are sure to keep one in handy for their requirement.
Lenticular book marks

Lenticular Bookmarks will have images keep changing when you move the bookmark sideways. So it’s more interesting than a plain bookmark. Also you can have up to 3 images on one side so more content can be shared with the customers. So if you are a car brand you can have 3 different car angles shown in the bookmark which will be useful for the customer.

Also with the lenticular bookmarks you can offer depth effect so you can have your brand logo shown in a 3D effect against a background. which also looks cool.

Lenticular book marks

The back portion of the lenticular bookmark is available for regular branding which can have contact details and other call to action messages

The biggest advantage of this product is its simplicity and size. These lenticular bookmarks start with a standard size of 2*6 inches,  Also they can be custom cut in any shape and size you want. like in the shape of your mascot!

Lenticular book marks

Lentincular Bookmarks can be developed for a quantity of 1000 pcs and they are very convenient to be shipped across.

If you like the concept of Lenticular products BrandSTIK offers a whole range of Lenticular promotional products including Mouse pads, Visiting Cards .

Lenticular book marks


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