Swedish Massage at O2 Spa

Swedish Massage at O2 Spa

BrandSTIK Introduces, Swedish massage is based on the western concepts of anatomy & physiology. It is the foundation for other types of western massage. Swedish massage is the surest way to step into a world of prefect relaxation. The muscles are rubbed in the direction of blood returning to the heart with long gliding strokes & there is muscle toxins. Improving circulation & Flexibility while easing.Tension :It increases white blood cells which are part of the immune system gives a boost to fight colds & Flu.

Benefits of  Swedish Massage,

  • It is beneficial in increasing the level of oxygen in the blood & in decreasing muscle toxins.
  • It reduces the tension & increases the white blood cells which are of paramount importance to overall health.
  • It is great measure to grow & stay healthy.


O2 Spa Voucher – Swedish Massage T&C,

  • 45 minute Swedish Massage
  • 70+ outlets including domestic and intl. airport
  • You will be served Welcome Drink before spa service.
  • You will be served Cut-fruit plate or Green-Tea post massage.

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