Trendy Data & Charging USB Cables by BrandSTIK

Trendy Data & Charging USB Cables by BrandSTIK

A necessary accessory of the 21st the USB cables, and a best-selling product to promoting your company or brand with low cost, a perfect exhibition giveaway product for client and channel partners, or a promotional gift for your employees, it can be used to charge their gadgets or transfer data from one gadget to another. USB cables have evolved over the years, both in functionality and style from Micro USB (Android) to Type-C USB (Android) and Lightning Cable (iOS). BrandSTIK bring you a range of trendy, compact and multi-functional USB Cables, a perfect promotional gift for your clients, employees and channel partners branded with your company’s logo.

Here is our handpicked selection of USB Cables;

Multi-Functional USB Cables

The Quick Charge: Equipped with an iOS, Micro & Type-C, USB port is a rapid charger that charges with a current of 2.1A and can support 3 devices simultaneously. Made using TPE material, this charging cable is environment-friendly, strong & durable.

Power Play: The Fidget Spinner with a Twist! Power Play is an extended multi-utility accessory, designed as a Fidget Spinner. With the capability of charging iOS Micro & Type C gadgets and when you are not using it to charge your gadgets you can use it as a stress buster. The Power Play provides ample branding space making it an ideal promotional giveaway.

Clip On: The Clip On is a multi-functional USB cable equipped with an iOS, Micro & Type-C ports. The Clip On has a logo light up when in use providing ample branding space for your company’s logo.

Kord-C: The Kord-C is a Swiss Knife style multi-functional USB cable with an iOS, Micro & Type-C, USB port.

Travel Size USB Cables

Saturn: An all in one, compact, tangle free USB cable with an iOS, Micro & Type-C port. Carry this as a keychain and never have to worry about forgetting your charging cables ever again. The Saturn has ample branding space, making it a perfect promotional gift for your clients, employees and channel partners.

YoYo-C+: The YoYo-C+ is a 3 in 1 USB cable with retractable wires that make it compact, tangle free and easy to carry.





2 in 1 USB Cables

Bracelet 2.0: The Bracelet 2.0 is a 2 in 1 USB cable, charge your Android (Micro USB) or iPhone (iOS) or transfer data from and to your gadget to you laptops and computers with ease and when you are not using the USB feature clip it together and wear it as a fashionable bracelet.

e-ID: When you put a USB cable and a Lanyard together, you get the e-ID. A wearable 1 metre long premium TPU lanyard ID card holder that doubles up as a USB cable capable of charging your gadget or transfer data from your gadget to a laptop or PC with ease. The e-ID has ample space for branding and is available in Micro USB (Android) or Lightning (iOS).  

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Keep your clients, employees and channel partners updated with the latest and trendy USB cables customized with your Company’s branding and Logo. Minimum Order Quantity for USB cables is 100 pieces. For more information or to see a sample, drop us a mail on, you can call us on +91 8655004477, Whatsapp us on +91 7506454524, or chat with us live on our website


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