Corporate Personalized Caricature Services by BrandSTIK

Now develop personalized Caricatures for your employees, clients, and channel partners and wow them with a unique keepsake that will always be remembered and cherished by them. BrandSTIK develops high-quality caricatures through its team of designers. These caricatures can be converted into a frame, cup, mug, mousepad, and tons of other options.

Here are our few caricature options:

1) Individual Caricature Portrait: A caricature is an art of portraying your character in a more funny and bubbly way. It is also used to exaggerate aspects of a person to create humor.


2) Caricature Customized Group Photo Frame: This Caricature customized photo frame is one of those things that will make you happy and worth remembering the good days.

3) Caricature Customized Mug: Bored of using your regular mouse pad? Here’s your personalized mouse pad with your caricature. This eye-catching personalized caricature will make your day a lot better.

MOQ is 1 pcs and the cost depends on the complexity of the caricatures and background designs. Do take a look at the various caricatures available. To know more call our agents. Contact Veena: +91 9769389966 or


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