I2E Consulting’s Success with Custom Welcome Kits

At I2E Consulting, excellence isn’t just a goal; it’s a way of life. With a commitment to innovation and top-tier service, I2E Consulting has earned its place as a leading IT consulting firm. However, even the best companies understand the importance of continually improving, especially when it comes to welcoming new team members into the fold. That’s why I2E Consulting turned to BrandSTIK, a premier corporate gifting company, to transform its onboarding experience. The result? A game-changing approach that has left a lasting impression on new hires and elevated engagement from day one.



From branded merchandise to personalized notes, every element of the welcome kit is designed to make new employees feel valued and excited about their decision to join I2E Consulting. It’s more than just a gesture; it’s a tangible expression of the company’s commitment to its people.

The impact has been undeniable. Feedback from new hires has been overwhelmingly positive, with many citing the welcome kit as a key factor in their decision to join I2E Consulting. Not only does it create a sense of belonging from day one, but it also sets the stage for long-term engagement and success.

But the benefits extend beyond the individual level. By investing in a best-in-class onboarding experience, I2E Consulting has positioned itself as an employer of choice in a competitive market. In an industry where talent is everything, it’s a strategic advantage that pays dividends.

Innovation is at the heart of everything I2E Consulting does, and its partnership with BrandSTIK is no exception. By reimagining the onboarding experience, I2E Consulting has not only raised the bar for itself but also set a new standard for excellence in the industry.

As I2E Consulting continues to grow and evolve, one thing is clear: the journey starts with a warm welcome. Thanks to BrandSTIK, that journey has never looked brighter.


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