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3 Reasons Reusable Bags Make The Best Promotional Corporate Gifts

If you are looking for promotional gifts that will leave an impression with your customers, increase your brand’s awareness and recognition, are good for the environment and deliver a great ROI than reusable folding tote bags are what you want. Here are 3 reasons reusable tote bags make the best promotional gifts.

  1. Brand Awareness and Recognition: Every time your employees/ customers grab your reusable bag they will think about your brand and with marketing info on display further spreading your brand’s awareness.
  2. Good for the Environment: Help your employees go green while also living up to your brand’s green goals. Reusable bags reduce the need and use of disposable bags which reduces the amount of nonrenewable resources that are used and helps streamline the waste stream.
  3. Really Useful for your Employees and Customers: In order for a promotional gift to really be effective, you need to find something your customers want or need. Reusable tote bags are something that just about everyone has a use for and will definitely use. The compact size makes it easy for your customers to take your custom branded reusable bag along on the go, ensuring they will always have your bag close by when they need it.

BrandSTIK developed black oversized Reusable bags for Webex by CISCO. The bags were customized with custom design and message reflecting their brand. They gifted these bags to their employees as a eco-friendly product to use on the go or keep as extra storage and protect the environment from single use of plastic bags. These bags being foldable are very compact to store when not in use.

Take a look at the Reusable Bags we developed for Webex by CISCO:

Reusable Bags BrandSTIK (1)

Reusable Bags BrandSTIK

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