How BrandSTIK Powered Connectwise’s Contactless Diwali Gifting Platform

BrandSTIK executed a massive 1500 employees Diwali Redemption Program of Connectwise through its proprietary online SAAS Platform FOXBOX Rewards which uses Address Verification system to save time...

Case Study: Vaya Drynk – 600 ml (Sipper + Gulper Lid) for PTC

BrandSTIK suggested this premium drinkware set by Vaya – Vaya drynk to its client PTC. The Vaya Drynk is Thermosteel Water Bottle with Sipper, Gulper Lids, and 2 Cups, 600ml, Black. It’s...

Custom Diwali Tech Gift Set for SKF

BranSTIK developed this tech gift set as a Diwali gift which consisted of a speaker and a 10k mah power bank for Its client SKF. This was packaged in a nice kappa board gift box with client branding...

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