Top 5 Smart watches from BrandSTIK

Elevating Corporate Gifting: BrandSTIK’s Smart Watch Case Study and Top 5 Picks

Discover how BrandSTIK revolutionized corporate gifting with a remarkable Smart Watch case study and our handpicked top 5 selections.


In the dynamic world of corporate gifting, standing out and leaving a lasting impression is crucial. BrandSTIK, a leading gifting company, takes pride in delivering exceptional experiences to its clients.


In a recent case study, BrandSTIK collaborated with Appnext to create a unique gifting solution – Smart Watches with custom sleeve packaging.


Smart Watch with custom packaging 1

Smart Watch with custom packaging 1

The case study focused on the fusion of innovation, style, and personalization. By customizing the sleeve packaging with Appnext’s logo and colors, BrandSTIK transformed the Smart Watches into bespoke gifts that reflected Appnext’s brand identity and appreciation for their clients. The result was a memorable and meaningful corporate gifting experience that exceeded expectations.


Now, let’s dive into BrandSTIK’s top 5 picks for Smart Watches:


Noise ColorFit Grande Smartwatch


Noise ColorFit Grande Smartwatch

This feature-packed Smartwatch from Noise combines style and functionality. With multiple health tracking features and cross-platform compatibility, it caters to tech-savvy professionals.


Boat Xtend Smart Watch


boAt Xtend Smartwatch

Designed for those who prioritize fashion and fitness, the Boat Xtend Smart Watch impresses with its sleek design and advanced fitness tracking capabilities. It’s a perfect blend of style and health monitoring.


Fire-Boltt Phoenix Smart Watch


Fire-Boltt Ninja Fit Smart Watch

Experience the ultimate fusion of style and functionality with the Fire-Boltt Phoenix Smart Watch. Its sleek design, comprehensive features, and personalized touch make it a standout choice.


beatXP Marv Neo


BeatXP Vega Neo

For active and adventurous individuals, the beatXP Marv Neo Smart Watch is a reliable companion. With its rugged build, water resistance, and sporty design, it’s perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.


Fastrack Reflex Play + Smart Watch


Fastrack Reflex Play + Smart Watch

Combining youthful design and smart features, the Fastrack Reflex Play + Smart Watch caters to the vibrant and energetic. Stay connected and motivated with its vibrant display and fitness-tracking capabilities.


Elevate your corporate gifting with BrandSTIK’s Smart Watches, blending style, innovation, and customization.


In the world of corporate gifting, BrandSTIK is redefining the game. Through their case study on Smart Watches with custom sleeve packaging for Appnext, they showcased the power of personalization and creativity in gifting. Alongside this, their top 5 picks for Smart Watches present a range of options to cater to different preferences and needs.


Whether you’re seeking a tech-savvy solution or a fashionable accessory, BrandSTIK has curated a collection that combines style, innovation, and functionality. Elevate your corporate gifting experience with BrandSTIK’s Smart Watches and leave a lasting impression on your valued clients and partners.


Choose BrandSTIK and make your corporate gifting endeavors truly remarkable.


Contact us today at +91 9594070940 or to create your own personalized merchandise and leave a lasting impact on your employees, clients, and customers.


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